Does creativity make a difference? (or The Wicked Sick Project)

Thursday 5th November 2009 02:37pm
By Networx Brisbane

Does creativity make a difference?  The creative guys from George Patterson Y & R tested it out!  Rob Hudson, national digital director of GPYR spoke about their 'The Wicked Sick Project' at the Interactive Minds' event I attended recently on 'Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2010'.

George Patterson Y & R's motto is 'Resist the Usual' © - love it.

Rob illustrated this perfectly by showing us 'The Wicked Sick Project' - made by the GPYR creative team.

So - does creativity make a difference?

These guys bought a BMX on ebay and relisted it with some creativity and it sold for 5 times the purchase price catching everyone's attention in the process.

Check out the 'The Wicked Sick Project' video here:

So next time you think about your marketing, don't forget to put a bit of creativity into it - and stand out!


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