Sesame Street's 40th anniversary celebrated with Google Doodles

Tuesday 10th November 2009 12:13pm
By Networx Brisbane

Sesame Street celebrates 40 years!When you visited Google in Australia this week, you probably noticed some colourful, familar faces staring back at you!  It wasn't until I put my cursor over the Google Doodle (Google Logo) that I found out it was a tribute to Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary.

For those who have been hiding under a rock, Sesame Street is an American Children's TV series that premiered on 10 November 1969 and is the longest running children's program on US television.  The show is produced in the United States by the non-profit organisation Sesame Workshop, formerly known as the Children’s Television Workshop (CTW), founded by Joan Ganz Cooney and Ralph Rogers.  It's a sophisticated children's program that combines education and entertainment.  Even celebrities have enjoyed guest appearances on Sesame Street over the time (more than 250).  With 122 Emmy Awards and shows in more than 140 countries, it has such a long history

After 40 years, Bob McGrath (core part of the show since its inception) describes it as a dream come true on the Sesame Street website:

“[The beginning] was like a magic carpet ride,” he says. “It was a tremendously exciting time. It was just one of total exhilaration. None of us anticipated that it was going to have the impact around the world that it has had. We didn’t have any long-term outlook. It was just a very joyous thing from the get-go. But I think we all had a good gut feeling after that first year that we were on to something special. It was an extraordinary experiment that’s worked out miraculously.”

I have such fond memories of Sesame Street when growing up, who could not forget the wonderful and warm Sesame Street muppet characters, created by Jim Henson.  Some of my favourites were Big Bird, Snuffleupagus, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert and Ernie, Oscar and Telly Monster.  I'm talking about wathcing Sesame Street in in the 1980's though!  There's so many  new characters now of course for new generations to enjoy.

When I first started work with Jodie Parker of Iceberg Events (the events company that look after Networx Brisbane), the computers networked on the server were named after Sesame Street characters.  I thought it was the coolest thing. Years later and as the old computers were replaced, we actually ran out of characters that we remembered (and cared for) from Sesame Street, so we then started on Jim Hensen's The Muppet Show.  My computer was aptly called Miss Piggy (because of my constant snacking).  Then we moved to our commercial office space in Milton (Brisbane) and  then did away with our 'childish' ways (sigh).  (Besides, it got a little too confusing trying to remember all the names!). 

So back to my joy when I see that that Google pays tribute to Sesame Street's 40th anniversary with more than one Google Doodle

These Google Doodles celebrating Sesame Street's 40th anniversary featured on Google in Australia:

4 November 2009 - Big Bird, Sesame Street:

Cookie Monster - Google doodle for Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary

5 November 2009 - Cookie Monster, Sesame Street:

Cookie Monster - Google doodle for Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary


6 November 2009 - Bert and Ernie, Sesame Street:

Bert and Ernie - Google doodle for Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary


7 November 2009 - Oscar, Sesame Street:

Oscar - Google doodle for Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary

8 November 2009 - Elmo, Sesame Street:

Elmo - Google doodle for Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary

9 November 2009 - Count von Count, Sesame Street:

Count von Count - Google doodle for Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary

These special Google logos were designed by Dennis Hwang and you can find the complete list of holiday and event Google Doodles here, including the Sesame Street logos that featured in other countries.

And lastly, here are a couple of notable quotes:

“Hello everybodeeeeeeeee! It is I, Grover!”
"À la peanut butter sandwiches!" - The Amazing Mumford
“Hi ho! Kermit the Frog here!”
“I’m too tall to be short” - Big Bird
“I can’t hear you - I’ve got a banana in my ear.” - Ernie


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