Did you know it's more expensive to win a new customer than retain an existing customer?

Wednesday 9th June 2010 09:54am
By Jasmine Russell

Did you know that:

  • almost 90% of business decisions are based on gut feel;
  • it is 20 times more expensive to win a new customer than retain the customer you already have; and
  • 60-90% of your business is probably referral based.

Your clients can tell you everything you need to know – just ask them!  Market research can appear to be a confusing array of academic methodologies but you can break it down to tools you can utilise in your business …  it is really just about asking intelligent and timely questions.

 Sue Holz | Research by Design

By Sue Holz
Principal Analyst
Research By Design

Learn more:

Sue Holz will be presenting at Networx's 'Taking the Mystery out of Market Research' on Wednesday, 23 June. She will be discussing the following:

Is market research too complicated - or too expensive?  This presentation will peel away the mystery of market research and give you an insight as to how easy it is to use market research and market information to your advantage. 

Learn about the importance of talking to your customers and knowing what your competitors are doing.

Sue will cover:

  • How market research can benefit your business and your clients’ businesses

  • The different research methodologies that you can utilise in your business or your clients’ businesses

  • How to choose the right methodologies to give you the best outcomes

  • Quick tips to maintain your market knowledge

  • Sources that you can access on a regular basis to stay informed about your business sector

Networx event: Taking the Mystery out of Market Research
Wednesday, 23 June2010, 6.00pm-8.30pm | Event & Booking Information

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