VIDEO: Networx Panel Speakers Interview: Why Direct is Still the Best

Wednesday 13th July 2011 10:32am
By Networx Brisbane

Networx TV ( sits with the Panel Speakers following the Networx Brisbane 'Why Direct is Still the Best' Panel Event Discussion - 22 June 2011 at The Landing at Dockside, Kangaroo Point.

Speakers interviewed were:

Panel Facilitator: Cat Matson, Business CATalyst, Alito @catmatson

View the interview video:

During the one-on-one interviews, each of the panellists were asked questions that weren't asked during the panel discussion on the night.

Interview Breakdown - Matthew Johnson of Vision6:

00:26 - How do you build and collect more data with EDM's?
01:40 - Can platforms like vision 6 continue to integrate information and data collection so that you can provide customized campaigns?

Interview Breakdown - Nick Pritchard of Decoder:

02:37 - You said that paper was sexy in a direct marketing campaign, can you tell us more?
03:22 - Are you saying that direct mail, as in snail mail, is a more effective communication channel these days?

Interview Breakdown - Neil Jorgensen of Signet:

04:59 - In a direct traditional market, how are you making sure that your message is going viral?
06:07 - How are you promoting sharing with direct mail?

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