Networx 10th birthday and Content Marketing Panel wrap up

Friday 21st August 2015 05:42pm
By Erin Payne, Reload Media

It’s hard to believe that the fresh, young crew of Networx have seen over 100 events in their time! Marking 10 years last week at the latest event, Networx showed off exactly what makes them great – an amazing venue, amazing turnout and an amazing panel.

Located at Soleil Pool Bar at Rydges in South Bank, the location was a beautiful choice and the effort put into the event was incredible. An amazing cake from King of Cakes and a video on the roof (yes, the roof! Everyone was staring upwards!) added wow factor. But one of the ultimate highlights would have to be the panel itself.

The speakers for Content Marketing: Creating the Unforgettable Brand Experience included Nigel Hickey, General Manager of Red Guerilla, Emily Foat, Account Executive for Twitter Australia and Dani Nash, Digital Manager at Agency North. With Cat Mason at the helm, the discussion offered much for guests to sink their teeth into.

Quality over quantity

It’s a bit of a cliché that has been repeated more times than I can count, but it has never been truer than it is in today’s digital world. Quality is crucial. Quantity is not. As Nigel said, “Less is more. Invest in good quality content. Quality content can be reworked over and over again”. It’s important to focus on doing less but doing it better. For example, one campaign Nigel led was for Jack Daniels, which saw Aussie fans get the opportunity to see family halfway across the world through the use of a hologram. This content took a lot of time and effort but was powerful and effective with great results. See for yourself!

Pre-plan for the now

Sounds a bit backwards, right? Well it’s actually a very smart move that many businesses need to get on top of! Emily discussed the importance of preplanning and how this helps businesses be on the front foot for good opportunities. One example she discussed was that of Oreo’s Superbowl ad. When the power cut at the Superbowl, Oreo knew they’d turn to the internet and had something prepared for them – “You can still dunk in the dark”. How did they do it? They looked at all the possible scenarios during the Superbowl and had ideas on place ready for if they did occur, including if the power cut out! This can be applied to just about any event or business. Think about what could happen that is relatable to your business and be prepared to jump on opportunities with pre-planned ideas.

Value-adds don’t need to cost the audience anything

Yes, content is often about converting leads. But not all content has to have this exact purpose in mind. Dani, who is currently studying psychology part-time, discussed why offering something for nothing can be so powerful. One example she referred to was that of the University of British Columbia’s Medicine YouTube channel which she liked to view for her studies. “It’s a value add and it’s free, but when you’re thinking of studying, it’s something that helps you remember them”. The results of your work may not be obvious in the data, it may take time but if you do it well, it will help build your brand and place you in people’s minds when it does come time for them to convert.

These are just a few snippets from the night that really resonated with me and many guests (just plug in #nxbris into Twitter and see!) and show the shift in digital that is currently evolving towards content and marketing and the combination of this with traditional methods. A great way to celebrate 10 years at Networx and the ever-changing digital world, this panel offered a look into the future and had lots of noteworthy bites many experts are sharing at the moment. So stay tuned to see more on the new Networx blog.

And Happy Birthday Networx and cheers to the future of digital!

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