Network Brisbane Marketing Automation Event Highlights

Monday 31st July 2017 07:22pm
By Lachlan Kirkwood

Did you attend the recent Networx Brisbane marketing automation event? The evening hosted some enticing discussions around the role that automation plays within Digital Marketing, and what lies ahead for this exciting technology. With panellists such as UM’s Robbie Dalton, Andzen’s Jason Anderson, and Silver Chef’s Jamie McCalman, it’s no wonder that it was a sold out event.


There’s no denying that in 2017, automation is becoming the new ‘must have’ integration within brands’ Digital Marketing strategies. With the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, brands are continually looking to expand their automation efforts and uncover new, rich ways in which they can offer a more personalised solution to consumers.

When it comes to automation, it can be a daunting experience for any new digital marketer looking to dip their toes into. The first discussion of the evening was around the importance of identifying when automation really is necessary within your brand’s digital strategy. Robbie from UM stated that:

“Automation is a tool best used to advance your target audience within the middle and lower levels of your sales funnel. In order to have a need for automation, you must first have a good top pool of potential users.”

Digital Marketers are finding measurable success in using automation to personalise communications with leads when nurturing them through the sales funnel. Andzen’s Jason Anderson, mentioned that in more recent times, consumers are more welcoming to automation and in fact now even expect a level of personalisation from brands.

So what platforms offer the best automation tools?

With a vast range of automation platforms now available, it can become quite confusing for marketers to select the most fitting platform tailored to their specific needs. Jason shared with us his hot stack of favourite automation tools, ranging from intermediate to advanced platforms (left to right).


And just when you thought that choosing an automation platform could be a some what reasonable task, Robbie showcased the evolution of automation Vendors from 2011 through to 2017.


Touching on the discussions around automation platforms, Silver Chef’s Jamie McCalman, distinguished the need to identify the differences between B2C and B2B automation platforms. As different platforms offer a variety of automation capabilities, it’s important to do your research and identify which solution will best cater for your audience.


When it comes to B2C automation, Robbie shared his insight into the strategic email automation approach called a ’tripwire’. The concept of a tripwire is to lure a potential customer with an offer on a product or service that’s simply too good to refuse. Although this first user interaction may run at a loss, a brand is able to capitalise on this transaction by adding the user into their email automation cycle. Once on the mailing list, there’s no longer a need to spend resources on retargeting or paid search ads. By harnessing the ability to make a point of contact with this user at the right time with relevant messaging, the brand will see a positive ROI from the overall lifetime value that the consumer will later uphold.

So what lies ahead for marketing automation?

Towards the end of the evening, conversations gravitated towards identifying the future for the evolving practice of automation. All three panellists were able to identify one common prediction - in which was the increasing role that machine learning and artificial intelligence will play within the practice. Emerging uses have seen brands utilise user data sets and AI to predict user behaviour patterns. From this, automation technologies are able to pre-determine where a user lies within the consumer lifecycle and take appropriate actions to advance them through the user funnel.

Lachlan Kirkwood from Max Kelsen, the machine learning and data specialists, stated:

“As Digital Marketers, we’re establishing a need to capitalise on emerging machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. By incorporating AI into our marketing automation efforts, we’re able to efficiently increase the standard of personalisation within our digital strategy, ultimately driving positive consumer experiences.”

With an abundance of useful automation tools more available than ever, now truly is the best time to develop an automation strategy for your brand. Drawing from the discussions of each panel member, it’s visible to see the positive impact that automation methods have in enhancing consumer relationships with brands 

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