Building Connected & Engaging Partnerships Event Highlights

Friday 29th September 2017 11:34am
By Lachlan Kirkwood

Does your organisation know what it takes to build connected and engaging partnerships? Not just temporary collaborations, but instead, genuine relationships that offer both parties high lifetime value.

The Network Brisbane partnerships event, aimed to discuss best practices for establishing successful business relationships. The event was moderated by Hydric Media’s James Gauci, and featured the likes of RACQ’s Paul Turner, Suncorp's Kirsten Wiskar, and Partner 2 Be’s Simone Givney, each bringing with them a wealth of experience across an assortment of industries.


Kirsten opened the evening by discussing the important differences between a business sponsorship and a partnership. A business sponsorship is aimed at providing a solution or benefit to the endorsing brand. A partnership, however, focuses on providing a solution to a consumer-driven need, bringing together multiple organisations to achieve a collective outcome. Although both practices are ROI driven, they each have their own unique differences.


So how can brands identify meaningful partnerships? Simone introduced her ‘WHY’ model to highlight how it’s important to truly understand your business and its objections. The model questions why a partnership is firstly necessary, and what value it can bring your brand.

“Be selective about your partnerships. Don’t just take any opportunity, look for something that will compliment your business” - Simone


Simone also acknowledged that like relationships, organisational partnerships take time to develop, and proceed through different stages. The four different stages include:



It’s important that throughout any partnership, each brand not only has their own public image within best interest, but also accounts for the integrity of their partner. By ensuring your partnerships have a genuine purpose, you’ll avoid any instances of harming any parties public image. Kirsten brought to attention the recent partnership between Pepsi and Kendall Jenner. Although the two figures had decided to willingly collaborate, unfortunately their campaign didn’t have a meaningful purpose for their audience, causing both of their public images to be damaged.

Paul Turner from RACQ delved into the importance of having an effective process in play when identifying partnerships. Paul mentioned that each year, RACQ receives thousands of sponsorship and partnership requests from countless organisations. To successfully pick the right partners, RACQ has an internal filtering process that ensures the best opportunity is selected. 

A partnership with Australian farmers saw RACQ send a team of their roadside mechanics to drought ridden farms in Longreach. The aim of the partnership was to assist farmers suffering from hardships by repairing their broken machinery. You can watch the outcome of the collaboration below… It definitely almost had the crowd in tears!

Whilst showcasing some examples of successful partnerships, Simone touch base on some successful local, national and international scale collaborations from a variety of different brands.


Team Girls was another example of a successful collaboration in which Suncorp has invested in. Kirsten explained that as studies had shown, high self-confidence in younger adolescence leads to a greater financial worth later on in life. Kirsten also mentioned that younger females are often prone to having a lower self-confidence than males. As getting active is known to increase your dopamine levels, Suncorp developed the Team Girls program to encourage younger females to get active, enjoy themselves, and make positive relationships.

The panel wrapped up the event by highlighting once again that partnerships are something that are based on the premises of trust and mutual benefit. You can catch the panels final top tips below.

Are you heading along to our next event? Join us at Up On Constance on the 25th of October to explore the B2B Customer Lifestyle. You can find out more about the event here.

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