AI & Machine Learning Highlights 2018

Monday 26th March 2018 01:10am
By Lachlan Kirkwood


There’s no denying that AI and machine learning are both such hot topics right now. This new technology promises efficient solutions uniquely tailored to specific organisations. But amongst all of the talk around AI, it can often be hard to break down what exactly it is, and how it can be used in real-world practices. 

The recent Networx Brisbane event aimed to uncover the mysteries behind AI and machine learning, and openly discuss what exactly it is marketers need to know about the technology. With a panel featuring the likes of Robbie Dalton from Neural Digital, Artem Kulakov from Trulet, and Chris Rozic from Datisan, there was bound to be some enlightening discussions throughout the evening.

Before diving into the more specific use cases of AI, the panel began by giving a brief insight into what exactly it is. Artem explained that;

“AI is the study of intelligent agents that perceive the environment around them and take actions to improve the likelihood of an event occurring”.

Artem also went on to mention that AI is becoming more frequently used as advanced computational power such as high-grade GPU’s become more accessible for businesses. There are two main cases of AI; structured and unstructured learning. Structured being a machine that is monitored throughout training, and unstructured being a machine that is capable of training itself - this can also be known as deep learning.

So if you’re in the marketing industry, what are some real-world examples of AI that you can begin to leverage?

Robbie took to the stage and listed some exciting uses of the tech within a marketing discipline. He mentioned more commonly used tools such as voice assistants, recommendation engines and predictive text, but also enlightened the audience about powerful platforms such as Albert.AI.

Whilst covering real-world examples of AI, Robbie also shared his insights into how he believed AI will help drive business profit. He highlighted two key areas:

  • Reduce running costs by eliminating strenuous manual tasks traditionally performed by humans.
  • Drive efficiencies and increase productivity.

If an organisation is hungry to harness the power of AI, how can they best prepare themselves for the technology?

Chris delved into the importance of firstly needing to evaluate what exactly AI can do for your organisation. From there, it’s imperative to identify what relative datasets you’ll need to attain for training a model. In order to develop the most accurate model, you must have structured, unbiased data. Chris also suggested that there’s no real ‘quick wins’ per se with AI - developing a successful model is a process that takes time.

By the end of the evening, there was still one inevitable question left on everyones minds… Is AI going to take our jobs?

The panel reassured us that current AI applications are being built to drive human efficiencies, not replace humans altogether. Within marketing, there will always be a need for humans to do what they do best, create strategies and tell engaging stories.

The panel finished by wrapping up the evening with their final top tips. You can catch them in the video below.

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