Ep21: Podcasting - Join the Audio Renaissance

Thursday 16th July 2020 12:09pm
By Grace Lingard

Join us as we explore the current state of podcasts as an effective tool for brands, advertisers and consumers alike. As the world changes around us, audio may be entering a golden age of possibility. Can you ‘hear’ it?


Networx Podcast Episode 21 - Podcasting

Panellists include:

  • Anita Siek, Founder and Head Strategist at Wordfetti, Podcaster at Brandfetti LinkedIn | Insta @wordfetti @brandfetti 
  • James Henderson, Founder and Director of Aych Media LinkedIn | Insta @jimsesh
  • Jacob Aldridge, Founder of “Don’t Waste a Good Recession”, Co-Host of the ‘Come Again?’ Podcast LinkedIn | Twitter @jacobaldridge
  • Panel Facilitator: Elizabeth Gibbons, Director of Client Services, zeroseven LinkedIn | Twitter: @Gibbled @zeroseven 

Live recording by Select Audio Visual.

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