Networx Podcast - Ep25: Is Digital Marketing Killing Creativity? Will true creativity survive in our hyper-targeted, data-led world?

Thursday 5th November 2020 11:51am
By Grace Lingard

Google Ads, artificial intelligence, digital display ads that are never clicked - all the technology in the world has put customers at our fingertips, but have we sacrificed truly creative solutions for the allure of hyper-targeted technological solutions? Are we still building amazing, effective brands built on differentiation and distinctiveness, or do we rush to silver bullet tactics?


Panellists include:

  • Nick Pritchard, Founder and Eternal Optimist, Nick Did This LinkedIn
  • Scott Oxford, Creative Director, New Word Order LinkedIn
  • Hayley Worley, Co-Founder, The Sheet Society LinkedIn

Panel Facilitator: Kurt Sanders, Director of Strategy, The Content Division LinkedIn | Insta: @thecontentdivision Twitter: @sanderlands @thecontentdiv


Live recording by Select Audio Visual.

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