Networx Podcast - Ep 31: Customer Centricity

Thursday 1st July 2021 05:54pm
By Jodie Parker

Customer-centric philosophy has changed the game of acquiring, serving and retaining customers. Modern businesses treat their customers as segments of one, personalising the customer journey at every stage, and doing what’s right by customers to continually build their loyalty. We know this increases customer lifetime value, satisfaction and profitability, but with limited resources, how can we reorganise our businesses to build customer centric cultures, strategies and ways of working.

Panel of Speakers:

  • Kirsty Robinson, Head of Experience, VMLY&R LinkedIn 
  • Tracy Whitelaw, Chief Digital Officer, LGAQ LinkedIn
  • Emma Egerton, Customer Strategy Lead, The Lumery LinkedIn

Panel Facilitator: James Gauci, Digital Director, PPQ LinkedIn | Twitter: @jamesgauci

We’ll discuss:

  • How customer centricity measurably impacts profitability
  • Case studies of successful customer-centric organisations and projects
  • Why the traditional models for determining the value of customers are flawed
  • How to develop a customer-centric strategy
  • How to foster a culture that sustains customer centricity
  • How to use customer lifetime value (CLV) and other customer-centric metrics to make smarter decisions
  • The building blocks of customer centricity: the people, processes and technology you need in place to ensure success
  • How to leverage your existing technology and data for more customer-centric outcomes
  • How customer centricity aligns with consumer data rights and corporate social responsibility
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