10 Years of Networx

Thursday 20th August 2015 07:55pm
By Jodie Parker

Our first Networx topic in August 2005 was called “Selling Cool” – we had Adam Ferrier from Naked Communication telling us what makes a brand cool.  That was I’m sure the first time I’ve ever seen someone use an expletive in a PowerPoint presentation! 

The first couple of years of topics didn’t even mention social media – this was before Facebook & Twitter!  Our Maximising the Media panel had journalists from print, radio & TV telling the audience about the timing of the news cycle.  There were no online newspapers then, and no 24 hour news cycle.  You had to be careful that you didn’t call the journo during their editorial meeting,  ;-)

Looking through the photos from the last 10 years – there are some familiar faces who still come regularly, and some people that we haven’t seen for a while – we have made some great friends through Networx.  There is also a whole catalogue of hairstyles and fashions, and I particularly enjoyed watching myself get bigger and bigger being pregnant with my daughter around 2010 (and then somewhat smaller again).

My pregnancy of course was when Cat Matson came on the scene as our facilitator – taking the quality of the content and discussions of our panels to a whole new level! 

And none of these events would be possible without the tireless and enthusiastic work of Lisa Ma – Networx really is her baby, and she has grown it from nothing to sold out events nearly every month! 

Hope you can make it to our 10th Birthday celebration – I am so looking forward to it!

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