Inbound Marketing

Friday 1st July 2016 11:22am
By Brendan Lidster, Reload Media

Our guest speakers:

•    Daniel Weatherhead, Marketing Manager, Leonardo Consulting
•    Jonathan Carroll, Marketing Director, Engage Online Marketing
•    Sasha Lincoln, Group Marketing Manager, PlantMiner

With the delightful Megan Walker, Director of Market Savvy, asking all the tough questions!

Why Inbound?

Sasha kicks things off noting that “It comes down to people and the way that they consume media has changed.”. She adds that "People jump online and they look for themselves”, highlighting the increasingly key difference between marketing approaches, old and new.

And rightly so, as Jonathan points out; "People have a problem and they're looking for a solution”. Providing that solution, whilst it might not naturally fall within the goal of selling your product or service, increases the chances that a customer will end up choosing you when it comes to purchase decision time. “That information that they get can turn a cold call into a warm lead” he adds.

What’s even better is that “when they get to the bottom of the funnel pricing is not so much of a problem”; highlighting the real business value Inbound Marketing offers.

What does it cost to run Inbound?

Predictably, ”the biggest cost is time" notes Sasha. 

“It's not so much the dollar spend, it's the time in generating the content” Daniel adds. 

He also notes that “having conversations with consultants that are on the train on the way back from jobs" and “offering to transcribe it” is just one great example of how clever thinking might help alleviate the scarcity of time your subject matter experts face.

Most surprisingly though, the platform itself needn’t be an expensive part; "There are platforms that cost $60 a month" points out Sasha.

And though these cheaper platforms may have their limitations, Daniel provides a sure fire way to identify when it’s time to upgrade: "When you spend more of your time doing then thinking strategicall

Finally, the toughest question of all: What is your one tip?

Daniel starts of with his: "for me it's automation”. Leveraging the whole suite of tools that’s out there is ultimately a key approach for success with Inbound Marketing.

For Sasha, her key recommendation: "review the data”. This demonstrates that even with Inbound Marketing, return on investment should still be a key consideration. “It takes so long to produce content. If it's not getting results move onto the next piece”.

And finally, Jonathon nicely closes off with this golden rule of Inbound Marketing: ”Stop selling to people and start education them. If you educate people through to a sale then you're going to have much more success".