'Blogging & Video Marketing for Business' Panel Event Wrap-up

Thursday 19th May 2011 03:31pm
By Networx Brisbane

We had a great panel discussion last night discussing 'Blogging and YouTube Marketing' with Yaro Starak, Gideon Shalwick and Craig Somerville. Cat Matson facillitated the panel discussion and brought out the 'juicy' conversations.

Here's a bit of an event wrap-up, via Twitter:

Regulars unable to attend sent their love...

  Logo_colour_normalPete-profile2_normal FoodStrategy: @sitemost tell @catmatson to be her usual entertaining self. What a cracker. #wishIwasThere#NXBris   Lucid013crop_low_res_normalImage_normal melkettle: @kerr_alexandra have fun! Love #nxBris  

Attendees got in the mood at the start of the event:

Ingenuity-logo1_normal IngenuityHost: XXXX Alehouse networking about to begin. Excited. #nxbris   Mp1000026_normal tootfest: #nxbris XXXX gold and digital marketing oh yeah   Cat-for-social_media_normal catmatson: The networking Q last night at #NXBris was 'what's your current fave YouTube vid?" @rachelmclean gave us this http://ow.ly/4XS2N #monkey  

It then kicked off...

Cat-for-social_media_normal catmatson: About to kick-off #NXBris ... Tonight we're talking about blogging, video blogging and how it fits in the marketing mix  

The lovely audience took notes during the panel discussion:

Image_normal 7cookka: #nxbris Craig Sommerville from @Reload_Media is speaking tonight on video blogging & the importance of a consistent overarching strategy. 7cookka: #nxbris video or text? How does your audience learn? Visually? Or through text? 7cookka: #nxbris using #SEM#SMM in conjunction with blogs and YouTube videos will give you more real-estate on Google! 7cookka: #nxbris connect with your consumers through blogs. Chances are- they'll Google you. Do a Google search and see where you rank? @Reload_Media 7cookka: #nxbris integrate your blogs/YouTube with social media channels such as FB & twitter. Have them 'shared' or 'retweeted'& you'll go viral! 7cookka: #nxbris when blogging- keep your business human. Take videos/photos of tour employees or headquarters & personalize your brand. 7cookka: #nxbris when blogging- keep your business human. Take videos/photos of tour employees or headquarters & personalize your brand. 7cookka: #nxbris your consumers will remember you for it! 7cookka: #nxbris anyone interested in the blog onscreen? Focus= tonight's main focus- 1 way vs. 2 way communication mediums. Google @Reload_Media   L_55216ee385ee9b59e324617bbe312d24_normal sharmsdiddy: #nxbris YouTube blogging can be extremely effective. anyone watch Natalie Trans personal and lonely planet YouTube feeds? #communitychannel   Pete-profile2_normal sitemost: Blended search creates opportunity for both vids & text #nxbris sitemost: Blog should always be self hosted for best seo results #nxbris sitemost: Content is king #nxbris sitemost: Vid production options - DIY with kodak Zi8 or cam. Cheap film students. Local pros for great quality or outsource #nxbris   Profile_pic_no_standing_normal XMPieman: "Bloggging Is a human tool that connects with humans" - @yarostarak#NXBris XMPieman: To get first page on Google with Video - place keywords in title, description, tags & links. @reload_media#NXBris   Ba291a9fb3692248dd26fa667e2a43bd_80c56cbf00be8243f594e4c240bbca72_normal michaeljroach: Text blog or video blog? We are all conditioned by TV - Gideon S. Which ever method, we have tiny attention spans #NXBris michaeljroach: Presidential election debates are conducted on #youtube. There is little doubt the user demographic has changed #NXBris michaeljroach: #NXBris Not mentioned tonite: Youtube closed captioning. Fantastic technology to translate speech to subtitles michaeljroach: ...for marketers, the difference between text and video for SEO purposes will diminish in time #NXBris@NetworkEvents michaeljroach: Great question about getting your product/service to established (video)bloggeratti - you got to give to get #NXBris   Ingenuity-logo1_normal IngenuityHost: At the moment, not many peeps at #nxbris has a marketing blog or YouTube Chanel... yet IngenuityHost: Vids help connect with clients. Keep blogs/vids consistent with brand & keep relevant #nxbris IngenuityHost: Email marketing still effective at driving sales. Blogging far better for engagement & personal branding #nxbris IngenuityHost: Vids a lot easier now than ever before. Video or text? Possible #nxbris fight? IngenuityHost: Everyone is a bit of a voyer according to @GideonShalwick #nxbris IngenuityHost: @GideonShalwick wants you in his funnel & then the magic happens. Not sure if I'm interpreting this right ;P #nxbris IngenuityHost: Work towards your strengths. Put in the effort. If you don't have time outsource to the pros & be everywhere #nxbris IngenuityHost: Are comments good for seo? Yes & no. Most blogs are nofollow but can still create connections & exposure #nxbris IngenuityHost: If you're going to vide7oblog use YouTube. Scared? Just make them private #nxbris IngenuityHost: Can't get the YouTube vanity URL? @yarostarak says register a .tv domain - then you'll be 'on tv' badoom ching :) #nxbris IngenuityHost: Tv ads don't work on YouTube says @GideonShalwick (but it does the other way around) #nxbris IngenuityHost: Stuff too long for tv? Put it on YouTube (plus it's cheaper) #nxbris IngenuityHost: Two kinds of viral vids. Natural and engineered. But viral vids are just the tip of the YouTube iceberg #nxbris   Nick30-edit-twitter2_normal nick_mcintosh: Check out good to great by jim collins #nxbris says @gideonshalwick   Sp_cath_in_south_park_normal copycat21c: #nxbris Really curious to learn more about video blogging and marketing after tonight. Fascinating! copycat21c: #nxbris Like Gideon's comment: Benefits are long term. By analogy: a flywheel, viz. once you build up momentum, it takes off on its own. copycat21c: #nxbris Ooooh! Reserve your channel on YouTube! Business name, domain name. Even if you're not using it right now. copycat21c: #nxbris ...or reserve .tv domain extension if you've missed out on your name. Tonight's hot tip!   Image_normal kerr_alexandra: #nxBris "blogging must be consistent across the brand and overall strategy" - good advice from Craig at @reload_media kerr_alexandra: #nxBris "video marketing is a huge area you can take advantage of" kerr_alexandra: #nxBris everyone should be blogging. kerr_alexandra: #nxBris "Charlie bit my finger" 322 million viewers.... @catmatson was laughing. kerr_alexandra: #nxBris start with small players, and build relationships. Relationships are vital. What value can you provide

Some kind words were made after the panel discussion:


yarostarak: Thanks to all the #NXBris peeps last night, I had a good time talking blogs and video. I'm curious who is now following me after the event?   Image_normalCat-for-social_media_normal 7cookka: @catmatson Thanks for anther wonderful night at @networxevents#nxbris - I think you're business cards are something kind of wonderful!   New_clare_and_camera_hi_res_2_copy_normal lifeatlucid: Brilliant night at #NXBris, love being their official #photog.@xxxxalehouse was fab & crowd rocked as much as the speakers, well done guys!   Picture_10_normal RachelMcLean: thanks to @catmatson@GideonShalwick@yarostarak@Reload_Media - broadening my blogging horizons - text and video! #NXBRIS   Ingenuity-logo1_normal IngenuityHost: Awesome presentation @yarostarak@GideonShalwick@Reload_Media & @catmatson. Educational. Interesting. Fun. #nxbris   Image_normal kerr_alexandra: Attended my first @NetworxEvents last night: http://elkewrites.blogspot.com/2011/05/blogging-and-video-marketing.html #nxbris   Simon_thorpe_heather_smithBa291a9fb3692248dd26fa667e2a43bd_80c56cbf00be8243f594e4c240bbca72_normal HeatherSmithAU: @michaeljroach@sitemost@copycat21c@XMPieman@kerr_alexandra@7cookka@nick_mcintosh@RachelMcLean thxs for the #NxBris tweets guys :-)   Ditto Heather!   

We even trended:

Trendsmap-logo-_dark___1__normal TrendsBrisbane: #nxbris is now trending in #Brisbanehttp://trendsmap.com/au/brisbane   Cool...  

An exciting announcement was made:

Networx-logo-twitter_normal networxevents: Exciting news: @RideFreeMedia have come on board as Networx's Video Marketing Partner #nxbrishttp://fb.me/12FGdT0Zl   This means Networx Brisbane is getting a YouTube channel baby!   The team at Ride Free Media took video footage throughout the evening and look forward to pulling together the final videos for your viewing pleasure.  Sorry guys, we're not showing you the panel discussion from the start to finish... you still have to be there on the night to get the low-down ;o)... but for those who didn't attend OR did attend, you'll be able to check out fresh content.  

And if you haven't already, follow the speakers and above tweeps here:



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