Crafting Content for Social Media Success Highlights

Wednesday 25th July 2018 03:57pm
By Darcy O'Connor - Reload Media

In an age where our social feeds are dominated by streams of endless content, digital marketers are asking the question – how can I make my content stand out from the crowd? This was exactly the question posed at the Networx Brisbane July event – hosted for the very first time at the new Botanic Gardens Function Centre at the base of Mt. Coot-tha.

This month, the panel was facilitated by James Gauci and featured a fantastic lineup of Ashton Rigg from Youfoodz, Florent Le Mens from CQ University Australia and Kurt Sanders from The Content Division. Each panellist brought their individual experiences in what it takes to create great, engaging content on social media.

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James kicked off the evening by getting right to the heart of the topic and fielding the question – what makes great content?

Ashton was quick to respond by saying that great content is authentic, but that authenticity goes beyond just what a brand recognises it as internally. To truly engage, marketers must also understand what their audiences deem authentic, and create narrative-driven content around their findings.

 This was backed by Florent, who went onto urge the importance of context around content. It should be relevant for the audience and the channel it’s being posted on but should be meaningful and create a conversation within your audiences.

Kurt elaborated on this thought, adding that great content is made when you understand the intent behind it:

“Does your audience know your brand? Do they love your brand? Content can be great either way, but it will be different for each audience and must be original in both”.

So, how do you be original, hasn’t everything been done? What’s your method?

The resounding answer from all three panelists was a simple one – ask your customers!  Creating content that is the kind that audiences want to engage with is key in the social media space. Kurt went onto explain that this kind of content leads to brand advocacy – the most powerful form of marketing. He used the example of Maximus – a brand that clearly knows their audiences and plays off it with their marketing:


Ashton took this in a different direction and spoke on Youfoodz keeping all their creative and content development in-house. They’ve been able to keep their content fresh by encouraging the team to make creativity a priority and challenge the status quo at every point possible.

How Important is Community?

For Youfoodz, community plays an important part of their content marketing. Ash explains that community is brand advocacy. When a customer is on the brand’s side and engages with the content out of love, it is very powerful. She provided some examples of how Youfoodz customers interact with the brand on social channels like Instagram:


With the importance of community recognised, James questioned the panel on how they build communities with the increasing amount of temporary social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat stories etc.)?

All three panellists agreed that stories are in face the future of social and it is time to embrace their full potential. In fact, it is the fastest growing special platform to date in the Facebook family. Ashton went on to describe Youfoodz success with Instagram stories:


“It’s a good place to test content as they often receive the same amount of views as the content that is forever lasting”

How do we make content for Gen Z?

Kurt circled back to one of his earlier points while answering this question, once again insisting the importance of asking that audience what kinds of content they want to see. It’s all about using the data. Florent took this one step further and got specific, speaking on the power and influence of YouTube within that generation:

“YouTube is a channel that Gen Z go to connect with their influencers and peers, but also learn new skills and develop themselves personally”.

He drew our attention to a video campaign series run by Coca-Cola that he found to be a great example of how to promote a product to a young audience in an extremely engaging, yet more subtle way.

Overall, the panel did a superb job of demonstrating what kind of content you should be making to have success on social channels and beyond. As always, the event wrapped up with a final top tip from each of the panellists.

Next month’s Networx event will be focusing around the topic of ‘Podcasts – Giving Your Brand a Voice and will be held at The Loft, West End on August 28th.  You can get all the event details here.

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