Effective Viral Campaigns - Tips from Vivo Group

Thursday 9th December 2010 10:07am
By Networx Brisbane

A viral campaign on a small budget

Regardless of the size of your budget a viral campaign MUST be entertaining.

Make people feel something.

  • Create an emotional response in people by ensuring your campaign is controversial, funny, sexy and so on.
  • Be unpredictable… do something unexpected.
  • Random/strange/off beat encourages conversation.

Use social media to promote your campaign

Tweeting and posting comments on Facebook won’t cost a cent.

Leverage your own audience/friends/followers and provide them with something they find fun and engaging.

If you can’t create buzz, use someone else’s

Latch onto a current trend/or something topical and promote your product/service around this.
If you are part of a trend, or can spot a trend, think hard about how your audience might be influenced.

Avoid press releases

Get influential people to talk about your viral campaign

  • Bloggers
  • Opinionated/well respected people
  • Industry leaders
  • Early adopters

Get creative with promotion

Think about how you can promote your product through different channels.

  • Post on forums where you already have a presence, or where the forum is relevant to the product/service you want to promote
  • Consider placing comments on news.com.au

Download these tips as a PDF

View these 'Tips on Effective Viral Marketing' as PDF.

These slides were part of the presentation by David Steel, Creative Director, Vivo Group at the Networx Brisbane 'Effective Viral Marketing - Making it Work in Your Marketing Strategy' event.


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