Internet visions for 2010: marketing, media and PR

Friday 4th December 2009 10:30am
By Networx Brisbane

I went along to the final Interactive Minds event of the year, held at GPO Hotel last night.  The panel discussion was about looking at how the internet is now an integral part of marketing, media and public relations, but due to it’s technological nature it is constantly changing and evolving. As 2009 draws to a close it is time to step away from day-to-day and think about future visions. Where is the internet heading, what are the latest trends and influences and what can we expect moving forward?

Interactive Minds looked at predictions from 2009 and gauged from the audience at how much of these have been achieved:

  • Social networks advertising becomes scalable
  • Privacy continues to be a sensitive issue
  • Internet advertising overtakes traditional advertising
  • Open Source will continue to dominate
  • The rise of Semantic Web
  • Mobile Web expected to explode
  • Growth of local search marketing + ad platforms
  • Behaviour targeting more widespread
  • Fear of recession shifts ad budgets to online
  • Web and Politics

Interactive Minds Panel: Internet Visions: Marketing, Media & Public Relations

Panelists (left to right in photo above):

What we've learned (thought all the great tweets on the night summed it up!):

  • IMBrisbane: Review & refer online is growing. Google & Bing are aggregrating content, people aren't going to visit your site. @jonathankerr
  • JenniferESt: @citypublicity: 2009 has been about educating clients about online & if/what social media is right for them
  • IMBrisbane: Web 3.0 is about connecting people to content. Conditional content campaigns. Dave Smerdon
  • JenniferESt: Dave from Universal McCann echoes Lola - more segmentation, personlisation & hard data are essential moving forward
  • Joseph_Keller: @jonathankerr Google will soon display best deals for customers on its own page (eg flights), no need to visit qantas' website again
  • IMBrisbane: Listen, personalise & segmentation, are ahead. Kinda obvious when summarized like that :) Perhaps technology has finally caught up? 

  • JenniferESt: Dave from McCann: great snowdome theory :) don't get distracted by the new snowflakes in the confined space 
  • JenniferESt: Dave from McCanns bad email marketing damages the brand; good email marketing is amazing & effective
  • IMBrisbane: Make sure content is with the right custodian and the right channel. DaveS
  • JenniferESt: Lola @digiconwebdev advises client to use email carefully not a blanket solution - segment & personalize is essential 
  • JenniferESt: @earleyedition The Internet provides greater insight into different views which is good for journalism as a whole; trad vs bloggers
  • JenniferESt: @earleyedition media quality should not be reduced by the Internet; readers shouldn't pay, advertisers should pay
  • @JenniferESt: Dave from McCanns; Individuals on Twitter can have a greater reach than channel 9 6pm news
  • marissatree: Dave from McCanns: don't have a shit brand. 
  • Joseph_Keller: Dave from Mcanns on social media \ blogsphere: 'Make sure you don't have a shit brand and you should be OK'. Gold. Call of the night
  • JenniferESt: @citypublicity encourages clients to do a lot more of their own pr & publicity; to step outside the logo and become more real 
  • IMBrisbane: Journalist relarionships are now public, but there is a protocol u need to know. Get assistance to get it right @citypublicity 
  • JenniferESt: @JonathanKerr don't do a lot in social media yet but some good stuff soon. Are using Google Wave for real time collaboration 
  • IMBrisbane: Magic from google wave was in real time brainstorming with colleagues across the country. @jonathankerr 
  • IMBrisbane: Google wave hasn't yet found the problem it's solving. It will come. If it was created by a no name, it would b dead @Jonathankerr 
  • JenniferESt: Lola @digiconwebdev not a good idea to follow staff & business colleagues on facebook; should they know what you did on the w/end
  • JenniferESt: Lola @digiconwebdev how much you can learn about someone before they rock up to a job interview is both good & bad 
  • IMBrisbane: Remember your prospective employers are checking your social media. It shows what was always done but now everyone knows.
  • marissatree: Aussies spend 29% of their time online on Facebook. Average housewife spends 90mins a day on Facebook. 
  • IMBrisbane: Use facebook to get into peoples hearts & minds, not for commercial intent. DaveS

  • IMBrisbane: Mobile tools useful for journalists: record audio & video, allow live streams. Instaneous reactions@earleyedition

  • IMBrisbane: Tony Abbott joined Twitter yesterday. Hahaa

  • Joseph_Keller: Liberal leadership spill was a huge coup for Twitter. Live mobile news from the heart of the party room @earleyedition

  • IMBrisbane: is a video mobile app if u r interested. @earleyedition

  • Joseph_Keller:Solid event winding up now. Great predictions for Web2010. Some doubts about Facebook advertising now however.

  • dee_atherton: Via @jonathankerr keep the process out of the way of online transactions. Make it easy for the customer to transact.

  • Joseph_Keller: @earleyedition: Online news is being tabloidised due to page impressions being the core advertising driver. Couldn't agree more! 
Thanks to Jen Storey (@JenniferESt) and Louisa Dahl (@loudah) of Interactive Minds for a great evening!  

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