'Maximise the Media' Panel Event Wrap-up

Thursday 25th August 2011 01:07pm
By Networx Brisbane

We had a great panel of speakers last night discussing tips on how to 'Maximise the Media'. Our panellists included:

with Cat Matson, Business CATalyst, Alito @catmatson facillitating the discussion.

Here's a bit of an event wrap-up, via Twitter:

Simone Givney   Meet the panel at 's Liz Liscombe & 's Rob Hazel   Anna Streater   To those who think the media release is dead, Rob Hazel from says they form a huge part of every news day   Grand Brands   Short, sharp and simple is key to getting your press release to cut through   Simone Givney   Keep press releases simple, effective, short... They all have limited time. Be prepared for the next step... Visual, verbal...   Claire Taylor   blanket emails drive me crazy, it's not a cut and paste job - woo me properly and personalise!   Grand Brands   Perfectly said - PR success is about "partnering with their brand". So, deliver PR that is relevant to that brand's target audience   Simone Givney   Commercial v's public benefit.... Both important in the community - sell it right!   Heather Smith   Contact me on twitter but not directly ! I don't write stories !!   Grand Brands   We uploaded a media release for a client onto a related Facebook page and were picked up by Channel 10   Claire Taylor   don't be afraid to hit editors up with everything you've got, don't give up   Claire Taylor   last words: know your assets, know how to spin it within relevance, target to your media and their market!   Novella Martin   People love accountability - I agree Elizabeth Liscombe! @ triplembrisbane   You can find out more about the event here:



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