'Mobile Marketing in the Mix' Panel Event Wrap-up

Thursday 27th October 2011 12:53pm
By Networx Brisbane

We had a great panel of speakers last night, 26 October 2011, at The Exchange Hotel discussing 'Mobile Marketing in the Mix'.

Our panellists included:

with Cat Matson, Business CATalyst, Alito @catmatson facillitating the discussion.

Here's a bit of an event wrap-up, via Twitter:

Networx Brisbane   Jacquie Mync  
  • Listening to a great panel of speakers regarding marketing via mobile channel #nxbris #networx
  • Using mobile is a great way to communicate brand messages in a personal way #networx #nxbris
  • Using mobile is a great way to communicate brand messages in a personal way #networx #nxbris
  • Near field communication (NFC) is a growing technical aspect of mobile technology @MnetGroup #networx #nxbris
  • Mobile marketing is so important today because of increased penetration of the population who have & use mobiles #nxbris #networx
  • Mobiles are the most important interface for communication. People can't live with out them #networx #nxbris @MnetGroup
  • SMSs are a great way to communicate with a large, extended database #networx #nxbris
  • Smart phones=web in your pocket! Why use anything else? #networx #nxbris @MisfitMobile
  • QR codes are exciting. It's like opening a box or a present #networx #nxbris
Jake Steele  
  • Commonwealth Bank's Newest App? 'KaChing'. Ballsy. 'Crazy People' for the real world. <3 Honesty in Marketing #nxbris
  • Push Notifications are an easy-access pass to customer's pockets where you have an app that allows for it. Auto-OptIn = Awesome! #nxbris
  • Getting Schooled. #nxbris 'A cutdown website on a mobile phone is not a mobile strategy'. Damn. Drawing board, here I come.
  • QRcode - Gimmick = Google Search. To make it profitable, you need a reward. I.e : Reward + Gimmick = QRcode. #nxbris
  • Mobile marketing on a shoestring: Google Places listing. Click to Call. Flame trees... Wait, one of those might be overheard outside #nxbris
  • For those after QR apps: http://createQRcode.appspot.com (free) or awe.sm (paid, customized URL shortener & analytics) #nxbris
  • Click to call code? Easy. <a href=”tel:xxxxxxxxxxx"> text </a> Where 'x' is your phone number. #nxbris
Dani Nash  
  • Evening about to start #nxbris
  • #nxbris NFC = near field communication (think Go Card) RFID is the underlying technology.
  • #nxbris Research shows mobile is the most important emerging customer interface, esp for teen market (over TV & online).
  • #nxbris Mobile marketing = going to where your customers already
  • #nxbris 90% of SMS are opened, compared to 22% of emails.
  • #nxbris Stats of social check-ins are much less than check-ins for apps that provide useful, location-based functionality.
  • #nxbris Lots of debate on QR Codes and their benefits. (I'm not convinced.)
  • @ShanzDay: Yay! I won a prize at #NXBris thanks @NetworxEvents” <== And me! Thank you. :)
  • Mobile users are hunters not browsers. #nxbris

Marketing Results   Shannon   Kate Cook  
  • @catmatson is hosting tonight's event! I missed that amazing lady.. Always has plenty of knowledge bleeding questions..
  • #nxbris ensure you maintain customer engagement after leading them through a touch point (banners/apps/QRcodes/MobileSites) @JonaPeck  
Jona Peck  
  • Customer engagement is always key #nxbris
  • #nxbris There is so much opportunity in the mobile marketing 'market' of Australia. Preach it Dale!
  • #nxbris Tips for mobile marketing... 1 Understand your customer. 2. Understand your customer. 3. Understand your freaking customer!!
Ben Kelly  
  • winning prizes @NetworxEvents should be a great panel discussion on mobile marketing #nxbris
  • Mobile marketing and "touch points" all about meaningful engagement with your consumer @dalerankine #nxbris
  • Understanding the communication context for your customers is key to successful mobile strategy @dalerankine #nxbris
  • Use of QR codes grew 1200% in the US in the past year @ MnetGroup #nxbris
  • QR codes have a specific purpose for marketers. Campaigns need to be user friendly and reward users for their effort #nxbris @dalerankine
Clare Smith
  • Apart from missing dynamic insights into mobile marketing, if you're not at #nxbris Networx Event, you missed how HOT @CatMatson shoes are!
Giuliana Bonel   Lauren Faulkner Rebecca Harvey  
  • Networx events - always food for thought.
Guillaume Debever  
  • Last advice on mobile marketing: just don't be scared and do something! if you don't try you can't fail but you can't succeed either #nxbris
Sophie Paulin  
  • Mobile marketing in the mix...looks like the year of mobile slipped past us, and is way ahead #nxbris
Dale Rankine   Trendsmap Brisbane   Lisa Ma  

About the event:

You can find out more about the event here: http://bit.ly/NX1011


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