Networx's 'Gender Marketing' event in Brisbane Times, The Courier-Mail & Style Magazine

Wednesday 29th April 2009 09:41am
By Networx Brisbane

Our Networx Brisbane 'He Said/She Said - Marketing to Women vs. Marketing to Men' held at The Exchange Hotel, on Wednesday, 29th April 2009 was featured in 'Brisbane Times', and 'The Courier-Mail.

'Gender Divide Crossed' - Networx article in 'Brisbane Times'. 

'Gender Divide Crossed Photo Gallery' - Photos from the Networx event in 'Brisbane Times' online photo gallery.

Our Networx 'Gender Marketing' event featured in 'The Courier-Mail', 4 May 2009, page 44:

Networx Brisbane's 'Gender Marketing' event at Exchange Hotel in The Courier-Mail - March 2009

Below is the Networx event held on 29 April featured in 'Style Magazine (North)', June 2009, page 32: 

Networx Brisbane's 'Gender Marketing' event at Exchange Hotel in Style Magazine - March 2009

Our pannellists were:

  • Tami Harriott, Manager Women's Markets - Queensland, Westpac
  • Simon Kenworthy-Dell, Director, Straight Edge Marketing & Communications

Brisbane's marketing and communications industry came long to discuss:

Primary Market Segmentation - Male/Female.  Why do it?  How do you market specifically to these segments?  What works and what doesn't?  Could segmenting your market in this way work for your product or service? Do men and women use the internet in the same way?  And what strategies - both traditional and new media - should you use when specifically targeting men or women?

Thanks to our sponsors: LapePhelan Marketing Communications, Exchange Hotel, MBE Stones Corner, Superfox Merchandise, Fairchild Multimedia. 

Event photography by Chris Winters, Winters Design

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