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Wednesday 10th March 2010 03:18am
By Networx Brisbane

What's your personal brand?Australian superstar Kylie Minogue was once labeled the singing budgie; an image perhaps not too flattering. Fast forward to 2009 and Kylie, completely reinvented was voted the most powerful Australian personal brand. Next on the list was Elle Macpherson followed by Shane Warne, Dame Edna Everage, and Greg Norman. So what makes these people stand out from the crowd?  Apart from the fact they are all very talented and good at what they do – how did they become memorable brands?

Branding is building a relationship between a product or service and the consumer. It is how we feel about that brand that will determine whether we as consumers want to have a relationship with it or not. So I believe that personal branding is the relationships an individual has with its public essentially personal public relations.

Effective relationships are built by communication. Personal branding is communicating the inner essence of you – your uniqueness, qualities, strengths, skills and passions. It is also about your visual communication. Not only your business communication collateral such as stationery and websites but how you appear through dress, style, personal presence and of course profile.

These people are all famous but they have built their brand and reputation in a variety of ways.  Over the next few months through my newsletter we’ll explore some paths to help build your personal brand and make a positive impression. Who knows you might end up famous too.

Your Inner Personality

The first step to realising our personal brand is to understand ourselves better. What kind of personality do we have, what is the impression others have of us? To do this write out a list of words you think describe you. What adjectives would you choose if you were a journalist and writing a story about you? How would you describe that person?

What about your passions? What is it you really love doing and what is the feeling you get from that? How do others see you? Can you get some feedback from your family, work colleagues and friends? Ask them to choose words to describe you and see what they come up with – good and bad! Did those words match up to your list? If so then you are getting close to your true personality.

Have you some hidden dreams, ambitions that are yet to be realised. Perhaps there’s some negativity or attitudes or behavior that needs to be modified.  It can be hard to self-reflect but is invaluable to really understand yourself more.

Is there a characteristic or talent that sets you apart? For Elle Macpherson it was her amazing figure that launched her career. Kylie Minogue – her singing talent. They had those raw talents but needed to develop other skills, package themselves better and grow as businesswomen to really move on.

Once you have an understanding of your personality and your positive attributes, combine that with your skills and talents and work toward writing a personal brand statement that is just for you – your internal dialogue – then you can use that as a basis for external communication.

Here’s a tip from personal branding expert Lesley Everett from the UK company Walking Tall:

Why not try Wordle, an online website for generating “word clouds” from the text that your provide. It is is a fun way to visualise your personal brand. Simply enter all the words you have come up with such as personal values, strengths and motivators into the site at  The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can also tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes then print it out as a visual reminder of your personal brand.


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