Reload Media's Top Ten Tips for Integrated Digital Strategy Success

Friday 26th February 2010 03:22pm
By Networx Brisbane

Reload Media presented 'Integrated Digital Strategy - the Final Piece of the Marketing Puzzle' at Networx Brisbane - 24 February 2010.  Here are Reload's Top 10 Tips for IDS Success:

  1. Don’t make assumptions about your market, treat every customer as a one-on-one engagement
  2. Create a comprehensive marketing approach and implement a digital method of tracking each individual marketing effort’s effectiveness
  3. Ensure your marketing messages are consistent to reinforce TV, radio, print messages, slogans and offers
  4. Use social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) to harness primary marketing drivers, not the other way around
  5. If you’re using a radio / TV marketing medium, use easy to remember web and phone numbers (makes tracking easier)
  6. Put your TV ads on YouTube, upload your radio ads and billboards to the web
  7. If you’re using an outdoor marketing medium, use sharp, memorable web addresses and slogans that if searched, rank well in search engines
  8. Embed codes in all your email links to track which link has been clicked (your web designer can help out here)
  9. Make sure your online offers can be redeemed offline
  10. Install Google Analytics!


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