Social Media Wrap Up for August 2016

Friday 16th September 2016 01:43pm
By Robyn Simpson

On 24 August 2016, I had the pleasure of facilitating the Networx Brisbane Social Media Panel. Our panelists, Robbie Dalton from UM Australia, Michelle Levings from Black Milk Clothing and Wade Foxx from UR Social discussed what’s new in social media marketing, what’s becoming obsolete and we even took a look at what’s coming in the future. Here is a round up of the key points for you.

What’s In?

  • Video, video, video! If you’re not doing video, you’re getting left behind. All panelists agreed that given the social media and search algorithms now favour video over an other type of content, the big social channels are scrambling to add video rich features. We’ll do a separate blog post on video because it’s here, and here to stay, so it’s important you know how to use it.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are hitting their strides, with local brands such as Anytime Fitness taking up the challenge to include Pokemon Go in their workouts, which is a great example of a medium sized local business using this new marketing media.
  • Messaging apps are overtaking social network interactions. New apps such as WeChat (popular in China), YikYak and Whisper are popular with the younger generation who don’t wish to share their personal details to use an app. A new piece of marketing jargon is also emerging… “Conversational Commerce”. More about Messaging trends here…
  • Facebook 360 provides new opportunities to show case industries such as real estate, restaurants, tourism and events and much more.

While we’re on the topic of what’s new, the trends in social media are showing the top social platforms are replicating each other in terms of functions.  Take a look at this slide provided by Robbie Dalton, Instagram have added gifs and disappearing images, Facebook has brought in live video in competition with Snapchat, as has Instagram with Instagram stories… the battle is on!

The good news for marketers, is that rather than trying to work with multiple channels as we have had to do in the past, today there are some key mainstays that offer most, if not all the features in one platform so you can choose the one or two your audience uses the most.

That’s leads us to what is loosing in this battle of the channels?

What's Out?

  • It seems Twitter is having a hard time keeping up, having lost a lot of advertising revenue over the last 6 months.
  • Periscope is on it’s way out, having trouble keeping up with Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat.
  • Meerkat, Blab and several others have already accepted their fate earlier this year.
  • Google Hangouts on Air is due to shut down in favour of YouTube Live in September 2016.

The key take away here is choosing your channels is imperative to keeping a consistent long term strategy going. The top dogs are a safe bet as your main choices. But that’s not to say new technologies won’t emerge just as quickly as they have done in the past 6 months.

What's Coming?

That’s a tough question, given by the time this blog post is published more things in the social media world would have changed. Here are the key insights from the panelists crystal ball gazing…

  • Google and Facebook will continue to battle – so watch both carefully and keep on top of the changes as they are announced.
  • Microsoft is likely to turn LinkedIn into an integrated platform that showcases and promotes the Microsoft suite of products and integrate more data to enable interactions between B2B to become seamless.
  • The lines between reality and virtual reality and augmentation in between become even more blurred. At one end of the scale ‘personal virtual reality shows’ could pop up all over the internet using apps such as Facebook Live – anyone can do it!  At the other end of the scale, virtual reality and anonymous messaging change the way we communicate.
  • For brands such as Black Milk Clothing, who use a plethora of social channels, there may be a rationalisation of medias over time, so testing and measuring every channel is imperative.

It’s a little mind boggling to say the least, so we have decided to create a resource for marketers and marketing enthusiasts to help you keep up to date. We’ll be launching this soon, so keep an eye on Consult Me Group and join our private Facebook group Consult Me Community.

A big thanks to Networx Brisbane and the panelists: Robbie Dalton – UM Australia, Michelle Levings – Black Milk Clothing, Wade Foxx – UR Social.

And here’s a little video to show you the power of social media working in action…