'Social Media Optimisation' Panel Event Wrap-up

Thursday 23rd February 2012 11:12am
By Networx Brisbane

It was a fantastic, sold-out event, on 22 February 2012 at Central Eagle Street Conference Venue, Brisbane City.  Our panel of speakers discussed 'Social Media Optimisation: Integrating social media and search strategy'.

Our panellists for the evening:

with Cat Matson, Business CATalyst @catmatson facillitating the discussion.

Here's a bit of an event wrap-up, via Twitter:

  Networx Brisbane Networx Brisbane ‏ @NetworxEvents

Tweeps looking forward to the evening...

  Cat Matson Cat Matson ‏ @catmatson   reloada reloada ‏ @reloada
  • Looking forward to speaking at this event tomorrow night! 'Social Media Optimisation' bit.ly/yBnRLN #nxbris
  Sophie Paulin Sophie Paulin ‏ @SophAp
  • @GeriNapier - it will be great to catch up! Should be a great night, #nxbris put on a good do...
  Tynan Stanyer Tynan Stanyer ‏ @TynanStanyer   Nathan Bush Nathan Bush ‏ @nathbush  Amber Dermoudy Amber Dermoudy ‏ @ambrdextrous
  • Looking forward to tonight's event on social media optimisation #nxbris #firstone

And then we get into it...

Alexandra Kerr Alexandra Kerr ‏ @kerr_alexandra
  • "Anything you're doing online needs to integrate perfectly with what you're doing offline" #nxbris
  • Smeg = social media expert/guru #nxbris
  • Only google can impact on google organic rankings, not twitter or facebook. #nxbris
  •  Would pinterest only be strong for visually attractive products? Thoughts... #nxbris
  • @scottesdaile's jokes are great, @nathbush! #nxbris
  • "Lightweight interactions over time." - the key technique to social media success #nxbris @edmundpelgen
  • "Be interesting. Be relevant. Have insight" @Scottesdaile talking about how to stand out on YouTube. #nxbris
  • Neeeeeeever!! “@PEllender: YouTube is cluttered by too many cats #NXBris
  • Take a problem offline....and then make sure you post back that the issue was resolved. #nxbris
  • "Put the Google + button on everything you do." @reloada #nxbris
  • Tips from @edmundpelgen: "Get knowledgeable about Google +." #nxbris @Scottesdaile: "Go in, be nimble." @reloada:"Strategy!"
Melissa Hoedel Melissa Hoedel ‏ @TaybianDesign
  • #NXBris pic.twitter.com/X2ekemBT
  • Social media and seo are both about ultimately converting the customer @edmunpelgen #NXBris
  • Only Googleplus is going to impact organic google rankings @Edmundesdaile #NXBris
  • Are we loving pinterest? Hell yes! #NXBris
  • Is pinterest driving more traffic than all other social media? Stats are strong whilst it's in it's infancy, time will tell. #NXBris
  • "lightweight interactions over time". Makes sense, stay in it for the long haul, creative content for Ur target market #NXBris
  • Fantastic content and speakers tonight!!! #NXBris
  • Planning and preparation is paramount to a successful strategy for online social media #NXBris
  • Engage trolls in social media. A successfully recovered customer can be come Ur most loyal. @TaybianDesign #NXBris
  • Straddle and hedge Ur best across all platforms @catmatson #NXBris
  • Strategy, strategy, strategy... And keep playing to keep up to date! #NXBris
 Sally Gardner Sally Gardner ‏ @sal_star1  Kym O'Gorman Kym O'Gorman ‏ @MsKymOG
  • You have to look at social media from a strategic perspective - not just a marketing outcome. @EdmundPelgen #NXBris
  • Anything you're doing online needs to integrate with anything you're doing offline "in the real world". @ScottEsdaile #NXBris
  • Googles not indexing Twitter or Facebook mentions @LlewJury #NXBris
  • Social, SEO ultimately have the same goal - to turn a prospect into a customer @EdmundPelgen #NXBris
  • Social media impact on rankings and traffic #nxbris
  • People find e-commerce transactions through search more than social @EdmundPelgen
  • #NXBris
  • Will Facebook get into search and "reverse the search"? @LlewJury #NXBris
  • The key to success is to have lightweight interactions over a period of time. @EdmundPelgen #NXBris
  • Immediate imperative is to understand Google + @EdmundPelgen #NXBris

Tessa M Tessa M ‏ @SolarGoz

  • All media can be social media. #nxbris Wrapping it up early in the night.
  • Anything you do online needs to integrate with what your doing in the real world #nxbris
  • Take your complaints off line. Engage away from the spotlight. Companies need solutions before problems #nxbris
  • Equiverlates - is that the relationship between the equivalent that relates? #nxbris
  • The Google + tsunami is coming. Do you have your plus button? #nxbris #getready
  • Don't just have a page or presence - It needs to be used, optimised and worked into everything. #nxbris
  • Facebook turning into Bingbook? It's that the only way forward for organic rankings? Maybe. #nxbris
  • It still comes down to one thing - know your target market!! If you don't know that you don't know how to even develop a strategy. #nxbris
  Elizabeth Bogdanovic Elizabeth Bogdanovic ‏ @LizBogdani
  • is all media social media? It's getting that way, agreed for ads & promo activities #nxbris
  • google + has 90 million users. Holyyyy. Marketers take note it's the only social channel integrated into search results #nxbris
  • fyi if u hadn't already heard tweeps google + is going to start influencing ur search results #nxbris
  • starting to think i need to create a corporate pinterest of sexy cooking equipment... #nxbris
  • don't talk about yourself too much - corporate social media rules #nxbris
Amber Dermoudy Amber Dermoudy ‏ @ambrdextrous
  • Ensure integration between offline and online marketing activities. Key point made by @scottesdaile #nxbris
  • Is there a Google tsunami coming?? What are your thoughts? #nxbris
  • "Social and SEO have the same goal. Turning a prospect into a customer" - too true @Edmundpelgen #nxbris #talkingintegration
  • I'm seeing "pin it" social shares everywhere. I'm hoping one of the panelists will discuss Pinterest's role in the future of social #nxbris
  • How to handle a troll on social media.. Not sure I agree with Scott re play it cool. #nxbris I say identify, investigate and address
  • #nxbris how is Facebook going to take on Google+ ? Answer = Bing? A thought from @edmundpelgen
  • How to stay ahead in Social/Search? 1. Get into Google + 2. Be nimble as marketers 3. Strategy. Do your market research. #nxbris

BWH Communication BWH Communication ‏ @BWH_Comm

(zero)seven (zero)seven ‏ @zeroseven

  • #nxbris We have been hearing for awhile that google+ will have a large impact on search, great to hear the experts confirm!
Damien Damien ‏ @sharmsdiddy
  • #NXBris Google plus is not dead! Has great potential moving forward as part of search strategy 
  • #nxbris "the key to success in social media is to have lightweight interactions over time"
  • #nxbris agrees with Llew, the key to social media is creative strategy. Evaluation -> discovery, then take it from there
  • #nxbris important to set up Google plus now in the mindset of business ready for any potential Australian roll outs next 6-12 months
  James Johnson James Johnson ‏ @jimbojohnson
  • Social isn‘t just a marketing opportunity. Integrate into strategic channels. #NXBris
 Sophie Paulin Sophie Paulin ‏ @SophAp
  • Social Media "sells the product", Search allows us to "find the product". You need both in your strategy! @edmundpelgen #NXBris

Rachael Hedges Rachael Hedges ‏ @Rachael_09

Jill Brennan Jill Brennan ‏ @harbren
  • Pinterest is for bower birds - most suited to strong images. Great opportunity for new brand to get exposure. #NXbris
 Alaryse Johnston Alaryse Johnston ‏ @Alaryse
  • Don't start a fight, cool it on social media in crisis situations. Be prepared and don't act on 'the fly' #nxbris
  • Facebook brands can message individuals, who knew? #nxbris
  • #nxbris actively promote google + button on everything you do.
  • #nxbris Facebook builds fans first, google + targets business first to bring their community across, vital to organic rankings
  • #nxbris know your audience, be transparent, have a great strategy.
Marketing Results Marketing Results ‏ @MktingResults
  • Social Media/Search strategy TIP: Twitter & Facebook drive referral traffic, Google+ drives organic traffic @edmundpelgen #NXBris
  • #NXBris "Start with Google+ now. Get ur head around it" (before the G+ Tsunami hits Aus). Top tip from @edmundpelgen
Trendsmap Brisbane Trendsmap Brisbane ‏ @TrendsBrisbane

The next day...

  reloada reloada ‏ @reloada   edmundpelgen edmundpelgen ‏ @edmundpelgen

Scott Esdaile Scott Esdaile ‏ @scottesdaile

  Cat Matson Cat Matson ‏ @catmatson Alexandra Kerr Alexandra Kerr ‏ @kerr_alexandra
  Networx Brisbane Networx Brisbane ‏ @NetworxEvents

More about the event:

You can find out more about the event here: http://bit.ly/NX0212

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