'The Shift to Inbound Marketing' Panel Event Wrap-up

Thursday 22nd September 2011 01:18pm
By Networx Brisbane

We had a great panel of speakers last night, 21 September 2011, at the Brisbane Powerhouse discussing 'The Shift to Inbound Marketing'.

Our panellists included:

with Cat Matson, Business CATalyst, Alito @catmatson facillitating the discussion.

Here's a bit of an event wrap-up, via Twitter:

Networx Brisbane:  

Claire Taylor:

  • outbound marketing is fishing, inbound is leaving a little trail of bread crumbs @annastreater
  • #NXbris drip marketing involves nuturing a relationship and being top of mind through useful info
  • #NXbris present you and your brand to manage expectations, establish yourself as a thought leader, find your value @vanjastace
  • #NXbris there has been a move to 'content is king' but now there is a weighting towards external social media links @Reload_Media
  • #NXbris if you want your customer to share, know what they want - the better you track them, the better the engagement
  • #NXbris build your customer relationships online and offline, be bold online and lure them to your physical store
  • #NXbris keep your message consistent, keep on brand and plan your strategy objectives no matter what medium
  • #NXbris have an offer for everyone, don't just direct everything to your website, diversify and widen your reach!
  • #NXbris Landing pages are key to driving qualified and measured leads, then you need to put on your salesmans jacket and close the deal!
  • #NXbris look at your analytics: hootsuite, blogs, social sites and make sure you're there. Interact, be social, anticipate & deeply engage!!
  • #NXbris outbound is yelling and hoping the right person hears, inbound is targeting and appropriating for an audience @vanjastace
  • #NXbris the ultimate outcome is the sale and loyalty, add the viral aspect and your customer base automatically grows
  • #NXbris inbound channels like google ad words are becoming expensive but there are other affordable ways with select key words through SEO
Jacquie Mync:  
  • Appropriate content to meet audience so they are interested in the brand and what the brand is about #nxbris
  • Must have clear call to action on website to interest users #nxbris
  • Google loves Facebook & Twitter & blog posting #nxbris
  • Content is king in terms of getting the conversation started and interacting-which allows google to eat it up #nxbris
  • Building and maintaining relationships online and offline drives the inbound flow of interest in brands and companies #nxbris
  • #nxbris you still have to have an integrated strategy but more so including integrated digital strategy @reloada
  • #nxbris In the next 6 months we will see a lot happening with Google+ @reloada
  • #nxbris have a fast loading website & stand out from the crowd with Adwords and other content optimisation strategies @reloada
  • #nxbris you must have the right attitude to speak the right messages to your target market @vanjastace
  • #nxbris Compelling content is very important to maintain to ensure interactivity and engagement with your audience @vanjastace
  • #nxbris if u r a business u should be using business pages on FB, not personal profile. Not just for the capabilities, but for the stats
  • #nxbris Don't put 'Find us on Facebook' on ur biz card, just put ur biz page link @annastreater #nxbris Depending on your message, you should tailor you message for each medium whether it be FB, Twitter, Blogs etc. #nxbris Make sure you incorporate keywords into your social media messages #nxbris Cost Per Lead is less expensive for companies who spend more on inbound marketing @annastreater
  Creative Passion:  
  • the beauty of inbound prospects is that they're already qualified. @annastreater
  • #nxbris A blog can drive inbound marketing. Content needs to work for users and seo
  • #nxbris sharing can lift your status @vanjastace
  • #nxbris YouTube probably ranks well In Google because it's owned by Google
  • #nxbris you need to try, research and test different media @reloada
  • #nxbris take into account Australia's aging population re: social media @annastreater
  • #nxbris you have to fish where the fish are @annastreater
  • #nxbris once you have inbound marketing you need good old fashioned service @annastreater
  • #nxbris it's important to know your audience to make it relevant and compelling @annastreater
  • #nxbris If you want to turn off audiences then give sales messages @vanjastace
  • #nxbris you need to include keywords in social media @reloada
  • #nxbris the ultimate result of inbound marketing is sale to person and then the viral aspect @reloada
  • #nxbris cost per lead (cpl) for inbound marketing is cheaper and more targeted @annastreater
  • #nxbris key to inbound media is producing quality content regularly @vanjastace
Solar Buzz:  
  • 'We've gone from - Selling what we can make - making what we can sell.' @annastreater Great Line!! #nxbris
  • Inbound & outbound. Use each piece of these marketing wedges for your marketing mix. #nxbris
  • It's one thing to get real visitors & another to get bucket loads of tyre kickers. Build your content right. Do things differently. #nxbris
  • It's about being found. Your brand having a relationship with people you've never met. #nxbris
  • 'People are going outside to interact before they engage with the company' @reloada #nxbris
  • Growing idea - Facebook on your business cards - But not 'Find Us on Facebook'. Be more specific. #nxbris
  • #nxbris - 'Adwords getting more expensive. Prices are being pushed up' I hear that - Solar industry Adwords is crazy.
Ingenuity Hosting:
  • Inbound marketing is about remarkable content @reloada #nxbris
  • Inbound marketing isn't just shouting at your clients. It's more about relevancy @vanjastace #nxbris
  • Qualify your target audience & build content specifically for them & drip feed it #nxbris
  • Contrary to @reloada, I don't think the goog & the book are mates #nxbris
  • Great content is driven by knowing what your clients want. Then engage with them #nxbris
  • Google promote their own property @reloada #nxbris
  • Have a strategy for all markets. Some have no internets, some have slow internets & some don't know how to email #nxbris
  • Landing pages with calls to action, offers & great content is essential for a successful adwords campaign #nxbris
VEvents Vicki Dwyer:  
  • #Nxbris @reloada external sites such as blogs and social media are important for search engines
  • #nxbris checkout digitalbuzzblog.com
  • #Nxbris the ultimate outcome of inbound marketing is to gain loyal long-term customers whn refer friends
  • #Nxbris integrate by always on brand. Everything needs to have same message @vanjastace
  Elizabeth Bogdanovic:  
  • inbound marketing = leaving a trail of bread crumbs for customers to find & engage with u #nxbris
  • research research research + call to actions. So simple yet sometimes easily forgotten #nxbris
  • blogs - create content ppl can connect with + optimise to be found early. Then the masses will love u! #nxbris
Marissa Pavia:  
  • inbound = qualified leads rather than outbound shouting and hoping it appeals to your market
  • #nxbris @vanjastace drip marketing / nurture campaigns is about engaging with relevant content
  • #nxbris @vanjastace great tip websitegrader.com for free tools on your inbound links
  • #nxbris loving tonight's panel learnt so much my head is buzzing!!
Andrew Frahm:   Kate Cook:  
  • "drip marketing" nurturing brand customer relationships by positioning your brand through email marketing and social media.
  • #nxbris Don't create a FB profile for a brand. Create a page. You can now migrate your FB friends into followers
Claire Kelly:       Ben Kelly:  
  • Creating engaging content for your customers will increase the likelihood of positive interaction with your brand
Jake Steele:   Mel Kettle:  

Tick of approval from our panellist for everyone's awesome tweets:

Vanja Stace

  • Thanks to everyone and their busy little hands, the tweets from tonight were fantastic! A+ for great content :)
You can find out more about the event here: http://bit.ly/NX0911


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