Top tips from Felicity Corbett, our marketing and graphic designer speaker at Networx's 'Cracking the Creative Brief' event

Wednesday 26th August 2009 10:31am
By Networx Brisbane

1. Know what you like
Having a few different examples of logos/websites/designs that you have come across that you do like can be a great guide for a designer to get a feel for your taste – though copying is never an option :)

2. Before you brief a consultant – brief your boss
It’s no good giving a really good, thorough brief to your design consultant and getting things started only to find out later in the process that the powers-that-be aren’t onboard with the concept.  Getting signoff on a brief/concept before you get too far into a project can save you lots of money in unnecessary design hours.

3.  Copy is key
Content is equally as important as the look and feel of a project so ensure if you’re going to spend time and money getting the design right that the copy is also spot on.  Copywriters are cost effective and the better quality the writing is, the better hit rate you will get with the reader.

4. Unnecessary edits = unnecessary cost
Little things like pictures choices/finalizing copy 100% before you are too far into the design process can save you money in unnecessary edits down the track.  If there are several copy changes or the amount of copy changes (either decreases/increases) it can affect the design and reworks mean more time being spent on a project which means increased costs.

By Felicity Corbett

Managing Director
Facet Marketing
Phone 0412 663 244
Email [email protected]

Networx Brisbane's 'Cracking the Creative Brief' event - 25 August 2009 at Zuri Bar & Dining.


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