Top tips from Kelly Quinn, our promotional merchandise speaker at Networx's 'Cracking the Creative Brief' event

Wednesday 26th August 2009 10:22am
By Networx Brisbane

What does your business do?

  • What does your company do and what markets does it operate in?
  • What is your company’s culture and approach when using merchandise?
  • Have you used merchandise previously and has it been effective in achieving ROI?
 What are the goals? Why?
  • What is the overall goal of your campaign and why use merchandise?
  • What are you trying to communicate and why? What is your main message?
  • Are you trying to sell more products or build awareness of your company/product/service?
  • How do you plan to monitor the ROI on this campaign?
Who is the target market?
  • What are your target market’s demographics & psychographics? e.g. the age, gender, income, tastes, views, attitudes, employment, geography, lifestyle of those you want to reach/attract/influence       
  • Why do you think merchandise is the best route to influence your particular audience for this campaign?
Tip: If you have multiple audiences, rank them in terms of importance.   What is the budget and scope for this campaign?
  • What is the overall budget for merchandise for the campaign you’re planning? 
  • What is the scope of the campaign overall and what other elements of the marketing mix are you planning?

By Kelly Quinn

Superfox Merchandise
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Networx Brisbane's 'Cracking the Creative Brief' event - 25 August 2009 at Zuri Bar & Dining.


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