VIDEO: The Shift to Inbound Marketing - Panelist Debrief

Monday 3rd October 2011 04:47pm
By Networx Brisbane

Networx TV ( sits with the Panel Speakers following the Networx Brisbane 'The Shift to Inbound Marketing' event on the 21 September 2011 at Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm.

This event gave insight into the world of Inbound Marketing, the current market trends and how best to implement Inbound Marketing into your marketing mix.

Our panelists were:

And as always our Panel Facilitator was the lovely Cat Matson, Business CATalyst, Alito @catmatson.

During the one-on-one interviews, each of the panellists were asked questions that weren't asked during the panel discussion on the night.

View the interview video:

Interview Breakdown:

Vanja Stace, Blogger,

00:25 How do we measure the effectiveness of our blog posts?
01:32 Is it important to encourage conversations to happen on your blog site or can they happen elsewhere on other sites such as Facebook?

Anna Streater, Director, Marketing & Public Relations, Grand Brands:

03:09 Is Inbound purely an online platform?
03:55 How do you integrate a direct mail piece into an Inbound Strategy?
04:35 What are your thoughts on traditional channels such as Yellow Pages being used as an Inbound source?

Llew Jury, Managing Director, Reload Media:

05:20 Is Inbound Marketing really that new?
07:03 Why do you think Inbound Marketing is such a new phrase?

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