'Why Direct Marketing is Still the Best' Panel Event Wrap-up

Thursday 23rd June 2011 01:09pm
By Networx Brisbane

We had a great panel of speakers last night discussing 'Why Direct is Still the Best'. Our panellists included:

with Cat Matson, Business CATalyst, Alito @catmatson facillitating the discussion.

A couple of things that I picked up where:

  • If you have a Facebook Page, make sure you have an email subscription form on it.
  • Direct can be across all channels - not just email and direct mail
  • Personalise, personalise, personalise! Make the recipient feel something.

My fellow attendee, Rachel McLean, Account Executive for TwoCents, shared with me that she learnt the following:

  • Personalise your message: the more you show your target market you care, the more likely they are to receive your information, understand it and act upon it.
  • Direct marketing is all about creating a moment, having a direct conversation and opening a two-way dialogue.
  • It's not just me thinking "noreply" email addresses are rude! - If you value the relationship, commit to it and put a contact name on the email.
  • EDM is all about engagement. Put thought into enhancing consumer experience, stirr emotions and you will get a response.
  • Great direct campaigns are single-minded in focus, simple and relevant.
  •  Every DM opportunity should answer a business objective - Agencies (like TwoCents) should sit down, identify a business issue and look at how DM can achieve that.

Here's a bit of an event wrap-up, via Twitter:

Tweeps were getting excited before the event:

Rapidbrand Can't wait for the Networx event tonight - "Why Direct is Still the Best"   Rachel McLean looking forward to tonight's with speakers and - Why Direct Is Still The Best   Cat Matson Sooo looking forward to tonight ... who will I see there?

Our panel of speakers made their way to the stage:

Jeff Polley Matthew Johnson (), Nick Pritchard from Decoder and Neil Jorgensen () are the panelists at tonight.   Networx Brisbane Photo: Direct Marketing panel Decoder   Rachel McLean At sinking our teeth into juicy conversation: Why Direct Is Still The Best! With   Vision6 from takes the stage at

Speakers made some good points:

Jeff Polley

  • "The more you show your target audience you give a shit, the better the relationship over time." - Nick Pritchard
  • Direct marketing is only as good as the database your marketing to. Having a name is not enough. 
Penny French - AFLQ   : No right time to send an email for direct marketing. Nick Pritchard: Paper is sexy : speak to gatekeeper

Some nice things were said about the event:

Emily Griffiths
  • beautiful venue thelanding @ dockside. Great food and wine!
  • very successful night so far. Thank you for a great event
  Andrew Frahm Have already met a lot of interesting people at tonight's event - Why direct is still the best!   Penny French - AFLQ  

And here's me signing off...

Lisa Ma Really enjoyed the Direct Marketing panel event tonight! Can't wait for the photos & video !

If you haven't already, follow the speakers and above tweeps here:


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