Yvette Adam of Creative Collective's digital marketing strategies for 2010

Thursday 5th November 2009 03:06pm
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I saw Yvette Adams speak at the Interactive Minds event: 'Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2010' in Brisbane.  Yvette Adams is the Director and Franchisor for Collective Creative and knows all about digital marketing strategy for her own business and her online community YummieMummie.com.au.  She is based on the Sunshine Coast but loves travelling to speak at events or training sessions. 

Yvette's presentation was titled 'Digital Marketing Strategies for 2010' and she gave us all tips on how to find the right balance of the marketing mix for your business.  She looked at the relationship between digital marketing and offline marketing and she also discussed budget allocation. 

Here are some of Yvette Adam's examples of business activities every business should be considering for 2010:

  1. Website - Have a website you are proud of and that you are confident works well for you. Be consistently working on it. Ensure it has good navigability and strong calls to action so users are in no doubt what it is you do, and what they should do once on your website.
  2. Write more - Am you a writer? Is somebody else in your office? Then continually generate content (content is still king). Submit blog posts, post regular content to your website, pr newswires or article directories. Ensure keyword density and anchor text is appropriate.
  3. Social media strategy - Establish a company social media strategy. Start with a company Facebook page and explore the capability of running demographically targeted ad campaigns through Facebook. Explore other social media realms and possibilities i.e. Twitter, You Tube, Linkedin etc.
  4. Media kit & media room - Get a media kit or update your existing one. Have a ‘media room’ on your website where you have this info readily available.
  5. Key messages - Make sure your marketing features your website and other social media community links ALWAYS and PROMINENTLY and
  6. Email signature - Make sure you and your staff have a good email signature with your current offer, social media links, awards etc.
  7. SEO - Ensure your website is optimized for words that are in demand, but not too competitive on a page by page basis.
  8. Manage your online profile - Set up Google Alerts so you are the first to know when mentions of your company, product or service are made online, be it good or bad coverage. Track competitors too.
  9. Have a bullet proof data capture system for all incoming inquiries be they walk ins, fax, phone, email or otherwise whereby you ask for their name, contact number, email and how they heard about you. Ensure you have a system in place that you follow them up systematically until they convert into a paying customer.
  10. Revive your de-activated clients – that is people who have not spent money with you in some time. Most businesses are sitting on a gold mine of information and ‘warm’ leads from people who have done business with them in the past, but who they have never since contacted to see if they can get an upsell or cross-sell from a re-contact or even a referral.
  11. Research - Conduct research to understand buying motives and barriers to sale.
  12. Mix up the medium - Communicate via a frequency and method that is helpful, not annoying and experiment with Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and more.
  13. Get key company documents i.e. templates, forms, contacts, procedures and policies ONLINE utilizing technology such as wikis, Google Docs or otherwise where you can share and collaborate online and mobilize your business. If things are quieter than usual, there is no better time to get this key documentation for your business in place.
  14. Tracking - Know down to the lead and the last dollar what marketing activities out there are generating you in terms of inquiries and sales and stop or decrease all marketing activities that are not providing you with a good return on your investment.

Yvette's 'homework' for attendees (you can do this too!):

  • Learn how to understand your web stats and review them regularly -
  • they should drive your business development
  • Work out your cost per inquiry and cost per lead currently
  • Re-allocate spend that is not working for 2010
  • Ensure tracking is in place and that you run it for a minimum of 3 months (speaking of
  • Adwords)
  • Develop a marketing plan, which includes your online marketing strategy and social media
  • strategy
  • Use BUDURL to track click throughs

Full presentation of 'Digital Marketing Strategies for 2010' by Yvette Adam from Creative Collective.

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