Networx Podcast - Ep 30: B2B Marketing Trends your Brand needs to Embrace NOW!

Tuesday 1st June 2021 05:51pm
By Jodie Parker

If you're a B2B marketer, most of your conversations revolve around the sales team's targets and their collateral needs (read: fliers). 

But the data clearly shows B2B companies that focus more resources on building their brand profile win more sales, more often, at a better price, and for longer periods of time. So how do we break our obsession with sales to create better brands that sell more?

Panel of Speakers:

  • Kirsty Jackson, Marketing & Community Director, Freelancing Gems LinkedIn 
  • Mark Ryan, Manager, Engagement, Mater Education LinkedIn
  • Tyson Cobb, CEO, Practice + Pixels LinkedIn

Panel Facilitator: Kurt Sanders, Director of Strategy, The Content Division LinkedIn | Insta: @thecontentdivision Twitter: @sanderlands @thecontentdiv

During this panel, you will learn:

  • The stats behind building successful B2B brands
  • How to sustainably split your budgets so brand development gets as much love as sales
  • Case studies about B2B companies that have supercharged sales through creative brand executions
  • The kind of content that resonates with buyers in the B2B landscape

Live recording by Select Audio Visual.

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