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Networx Podcast Ep2: Programmatic Principles - How to evolve in the automation and adtech arena

While it's easy to love the concept of fully automated buying and selling of ads, and the promise of huge ROI and transparent performance metrics, in reality adtech and programmatic has historically been a marketplace full of tricks and traps. In 2018, the industry is reaching a point of maturity. Data ethics, ad fraud and bad actors are right in the spotlight and new technologies and methods are promising more trustworthiness and better performance for those in the know. Join us as we traverse everything programmatic and adtech to bring you up to speed on the latest innovations, challenges, and opportunities. Panellists include: Cara Walsh, Programmatic Pioneer, Walsh Consulting; Michael Chen, Digital Media Portfolio Manager, Reload Media; and Michael Petersen, Director, My Media Trading Desk with Panel Facilitator: James Gauci, Senior Digital Manager. You're listening to the Networx Podcast with your host, Lisa Ma.

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Networx Podcast Ep1: Podcasts - Giving your brand a voice

Podcasting is on the rise... How can brands leverage off this medium and add it into their marketing mix? Our panel will cover the power of audio, the future of podcasting, storytelling, promotion and leverage, monetisation, as well as case studies of successful podcasters that are making a difference. Panellists include: Stevie Dillon, Social Media Strategist, Stevie Says Social; Phoebe Parsons, Podcaster, Confessions of a Twenty Something Train Wreck; and Ronsley Vaz, Founder & Chief Energy Officer, Amplify with Panel Facilitator: Elizabeth Gibbons, Director of Client Services, zeroseven. You're listening to the Networx Podcast with your host, Lisa Ma.

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