Creative briefs - it's all about the detail

Monday 17th August 2009 01:03pm
By Networx Brisbane

Whether a creative brief is good or bad can make or break a job. As the instigator of the brief it is your job to set the direction for the project and provide your ‘creative’ with ALL the information they need to come up with a cracker concept.  A brief should tell a creative everything they need to know about a brand even if they have never worked on it before.

Creative Briefs cartoon

Here are some quick tips for writing a good brief (they may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people neglect the right detail):

  1. Be clear on the objective of the project. This will set the limit and scope for the creative. If you have KPIs or sales targets etc to fulfil share them with the creative.
  2. Describe and know your audience well as this will help dictate the message.
  3. Be specific about the personality of the brand- what would or wouldn’t your brand say or do? How do you want your target market to perceive you? (this sets the tone for creative work and ensures you don’t end up with a concept completely ‘OFF’ brand).
  4. Ensure you are specific about timing and campaign deadlines.


By Trina McColl
Managing Director
LapePhelan Marketing Communications.

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