Turning 10 years old is a big deal

Wednesday 26th August 2015 03:59pm
By Llew Jury, Reload Media

Turning 10 years old is a big deal. 

Just ask my son who’ll turn 10 later this month. Although we’re still having nerf gun parties in the backyard, we know that the double figures are a big one and mark a turning point. 

To get to 10 years in business in the fast paced world of networking and events, and most importantly stay relevant the whole time, is a big deal.  And Networx has done just this.

Networx was established in August 2005 and since then has grown to become Brisbane’s leading networking and marketing event.  

Since then there’s been literally thousands of networkers through the doors of the best venues in town, learning up on all things marketing, business strategy, digital and media. 

Maybe it’s the well-managed format, the networking games led by the vivacious Lisa Ma or the relaxed vibe set by the omni-present facilitator Cat Matson, Networx keeps them coming back.

The best thing about Networx though, and this comes from being a Networx partner since 2009, is the collaboration opportunities with the fellow Networx family and potential clients. 

My company Reload Media has partnered up with great clients over the years as a direct result of Networx. 

I believe this is due to the Networx branding opportunities and the way that clients don’t feel “sold to” at Networx.  And this type of vision and leadership comes from the top. 

So congratulations Jodie, Lisa and the whole Networx team. Well done on a great product and cheers for the next 10 years! 

Maybe a nerf gun party next time?

My top 5 networking tips at Networx

  1. Be yourself. Relax and the good people will come!
  2. Look at the attendance list before you go and see who you want to talk to. And when you’re there, don’t talk to people you already know. Get out and about to meet new contacts.
  3. Have an elevator pitch. But also know your business purpose and values, as when you’re at Networx, people stay for a chat and will want to know more.
  4. Speaking of which, stay for the networking drinks after the main event. Great opportunities often come from these meet ups.
  5. The next day, add your new contacts on LinkedIn and follow-up any opportunities.
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