VIDEO: Social Media Optimisation - Panel Debrief

Friday 9th March 2012 02:01pm
By Networx Brisbane

Networx TV ( sits with the Panel Speakers following the Networx Brisbane 'Social Media Optimisation' event on the 22 February 2012 at Central Eagle Street Conference Venue in Brisbane.

Social Media has exploded over the last couple of years and with new social media channels popping up weekly, it is becoming incredibly hard for businesses to not only stay up to date, but also to optimise and effectively market through these channels. In this video the panelist's discuss how businesses can make the most of Social Media Networks and the rise of Google Plus.

Our panelists were:

And as always our Panel Facilitator was the lovely Cat Matson, Business CATalyst, Alito @catmatson.

View the video interview:

Interview breakdown:

Llew Jury, Reload Media

00:20 If you were advising Kyle Sandilands, what would had been your advice?
01:00 If our brands got into similar trouble, how can we control what is being said online?

Edmund Pelgen, Traffika

01:37 Why is Google Plus so important?
02:25 Will the results that I see through organic search be impacted by my Google Plus circles and influence?

Scott Esdaile, XCOM

02:50 How do we stand out in an increasingly cluttered social media space?
03:44 What is the distinction between social and all other media?

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