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  • COVID-Safe NETWORX Events

    Make no mistake, the team at NETWORX Marketers Meetings will ensure this event is COVID-Safe.

    We ask that you:

    • Stay at home if you are unwell, or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath;
    • Notify event staff if you become unwell during the event
    • Maintain physical distancing as much as possible.
    • Check in using the Venue's app on arrival
    • Use the hand sanitiser provided at the event.

    Please note that if you need to cancel because you feel unwell, we will hold your ticket for use at our next event.

    We also ask that you respect that others might have differing levels of comfort in being out at events - please be aware of those around you, so we can all get back to meeting #irl - safely.

  • What are Networx events?

    Networx Marketers Meetings delivers educational and inspirational business events to people in business. Launched in 1999 by founder Kimberley Palmer, Networx was an answer to a lack of affordable and relevant networking opportunities that was perceived for motivated, successful people in the developing stages of their career.

    For attendees, Networx is a fun way to meet other professional people and hear from - and perhaps be inspired by - speakers covering a broad range of business related topics. For sponsors, Networx offers a unique way to tap into a market of motivated professionals. Built on an opt-in model, with people being referred by others they know, this group is highly responsive to the Networx and those that support the group.

    Click here to find out more about Networx Marketers Meetings.

  • Who comes along to Networx events?

    Any person in:

    • Marketing & Communications (any industry, and position)
    • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
    • Public Relations
    • Digital & Creative
    • Events
  • What is the format of a Networx event?

    A typical format for the evening is:

    6.00pm: Guests arrival/Registration (Collect name badge, drop in business card for prize draw)
    6.25pm: Welcome by MC and Networking Game. Enjoy Drinks and Finger Food
    6.40pm: Everyone to take their seats
    6.45pm: Prize Draw
    7.00pm: Panel Discussion/Speaker Presentation with Question Time
    8.00pm: Official Function Close

    Please note the above format is general and is subject to change. Don't forget your business cards for the prize draw (and of course you'll need them when you meet new people)

  • What is the dress code?

    Dress code is Smart Dress/Business Casual.  Our events are professional yet relaxed, we do not require you to wear a suit or tie.

  • What are the Booking Terms and Conditions?
    1. Make sure you are booking for the correct event.  We do not transfer tickets if you have booked for the wrong topic/date or city.
    2. Make sure you have read & understand the Cancellation, Substitution, and Refund Policy. Learn more in the Faqs below.
    3. We do not transfer tickets to another event unless you are cancelling because you feel ill, as per our COVID-Safe Event Plan.  If you can no longer attend, you are welcome to send a substitute, please advise us their details as soon as possible or we can transfer your ticket to the next event.  Please check the location of the event you're booking because tickets are not transferable to another city, in any circumstances. Learn more in the Faqs below.
    4. Make sure Special Dietary Requirements are advised if relevant to you or your guests. Email us.
    5. Photographs and video may be taken of you or your guests during the event.  Networx has the right to use the photographs and video on the web and for any promotional/marketing purposes.  Photographs and video remain the property of the Photographer, Video Producer & Networx Marketers Meetings.
    6. Networx does not like spammers.  Please respect other attendee's privacy.  Whilst guests of the evening like to get in contact with people whom they've met on the night, if you have been spammed, please let Networx know immediately.
    7. Alcoholic beverages are served at Networx events.  You must be over 18 years of age when attending.  We strongly support responsible consumption of alcohol.  Intoxicated guests will be asked to leave.
    8. Networx events can be fun and enjoyable, but they are still a business event and we expect all attendees to behave in a professional and mature manner at all times.  Inappropriate behaviour and conduct at events is not acceptable.
    9. In the event of event cancellation (for instance, the venue has no power due to a freak storm), an email will be sent to registered attendees and a notification will be posted on the event webpage, Facebook and Twitter. a  ticket transfer may be available to another event. In the instance that the event (still) proceeds, we are unable to refund the ticket price or transfer tickets as the event has proceeded and costs have made to the venue.
  • How do I book my ticket/s?
    1. You do not have to, but you can login using your Facebook or Twitter account details.  Or you can set up your own registration details. 
    2. Go to the Events & Ticketing page and select the event you wish to attend.  Please check that you are booking the correct event & location as we do not transfer tickets.  Ensure you've read the Booking Terms and Conditions and agree before booking.
    3. Click the Book Now button and you will be directed to the ticket booking form.
    4. Select the number of people attending.
    5. Attendee #1 can be yourself - or another person if you're booking on their behalf.  Ensure you've got  the correct Name, Position, Organisation and Email address for all attendees. 
    6. You can Add Attendees (including yourself) in 2 ways:
      1. Click on Enter Details: You manually enter the details.
      2. Click on Facebook: Your whole Facebook friends list comes up. 
    7. You can Edit or Remove attendees if required.
    8. The tax invoice will be emailed to the Attendee #1's email address. If you require the tax invoice/receipt to be sent to another person other than Attendee #1, tick 'Send copy of invoice' and enter the email address.
    9. Make Payment by credit card (Mastercard / Visa / American Express), direct deposit or cheque, or Request a Tax Invoice.
    10. An automatically-generated confirmation email will be sent to all Attendees.
    11. All booked (and paid) attendees can view the full Attendance List.

    More information on what happens after you've booked your ticket/s can be found below.

  • Can I book more than one person online?

    Definitely! Simply provide their contact details so we know who's coming and can prepare correspondence and name badges on the night. We'll need their Name, Position, Oganisation and Email details.

    Please advise as soon as possible if details change, or another person is substituting a booked attendee.

  • What are the payment methods when buying tickets?

    Pre-registration & pre-payment before an event is essential. The preferred method is to book your event tickets online and pay by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express). It is easy to book on another person's behalf if required.  We do not charge credit fees. A receipt will be emailed to you after payment is processed successfully.

    If you wish to pay by Direct Deposit or Cheque, a tax invoice can be requested. Other payment methods include:

    • Cheque: To be made payable to Iceberg Events
    • Direct Deposit:  Please put the Invoice ID# in the reference field.  Once completed, please email a payment confirmation so a receipt can be issued.
      • Account Name: Iceberg Events
      • Bank: Suncorp BSB: 484799
      • Account Number: 003668551

    Please note, payment prior to the event is essential.  If you have not paid prior to the event and you cancel on the day of the event, or do not show up, you will still be liable as we would have confirmed your attendance.

  • What happens after I've booked my ticket/s?

    When you book online, a tax invoice will appear on the webpage after your payment has been processed.  It will also be emailed to the nominated email address, or account holder if logged in.  Please print this off for your records, or forward to your accounts person.

    A confirmation email will also be emailed to each Attendee.

    Booked (and paid) attendees who are logged in can view the full list of people attending. Please respect people's privacy and do not spam.

  • What happens to my details once I give them to Networx?

    Your contact details remain in the hands of Networx so that we can send you future email updates.  We do not sell or pass on your details to any third party.

    Click here to view our full Privacy Policy.

  • What is the difference between Iceberg Events and Networx Marketers Meetings (Brisbane)?

    Networx Marketers Meetings (Brisbane) is managed by Iceberg Events, a Brisbane-based conference and events management company.  

    Please note that Networx events in Brisbane and Sydney are managed separately.  When booking, please make sure you book for the correct location as ticket transfers between each city is strictly not possible.

  • What is the difference between Networx Sydney and Networx Brisbane?

    Whilst we share the same umbrella brand of Networx Marketers Meetings, the organisations that manage Networx Sydney and Networx Brisbane are separate entitites.

    Networx Brisbane is managed by Icebeg Events, a Brisbane-based conference and events management company.  ABN 84 084 581 153

    Networx Sydney is managed by Double Edge PR, a Sydney-based PR firm.  ABN 45 060 187 822

    So when booking tickets, you must check the location carefully.  Accidentally booking a ticket for an event in the wrong city doesn't allow you to 'transfer' the ticket to the correct city.

  • What is the cancellation / substitution / refund policy?

    3 or more business day prior to an event: 
    3 business days notice required for refunds. Please give written notice to [email protected]  Refunds will incur a $5 administration fee. 

    Less than 3 business days prior to an event: 
    If unable to attend, a substitute is welcome, please advise their details as soon as possible.  Tickets are not transferable to another event.

    If you have not paid for your ticket prior to the event:
    In the instance that you have booked your ticket(s) and not paid prior to the event, you are still liable to pay for the ticket(s) if you attend or not.  You will be emailed an outstanding Tax Invoice prior to the event, and post event if it has still not been paid.  If you know you are unable to attend, please put your cancellation in writing 3 or more business days prior to the event for a refund less admin fee.  Please ensure that we have replied to you so that you know it has been received.

    In the event of event cancellation: 
    (for instance, the venue has no power due to a freak storm), an email will be sent to registered attendees and a notification will be posted on the event webpage, Facebook and Twitter. A refund may be issued or ticket transfer may be available to another event. In the instance that the event (still) proceeds, we are unable to refund the ticket price or transfer tickets as the event has proceeded and costs have made to the venue.

  • Can I transfer my tickets to another person, or another event?

    You are welcome to transfer your ticket to another person (please let us know their details as soon as possible); however, we do not allow tickets to be transferred to another event.  Tickets are also not transferable to another city (eg. if you've booked for a Sydney event, it is not transferable to an event in Brisbane). 

  • Can I make a suggestion regarding speakers, venues or topics?

    We'd love you to!  Please send us an email with your suggestions. What we look for:

    Speakers: Engaging, interesting and entertaining.  Happy to share information, ideas and experiences with like-minded people.  Networx do not pay for speakers. 

    Venues: Funky or unique.  Happy to have a group of professionals in business, marketing and communications.  Venues that can handle a stand-up networking drinks part and then a sit-down area with theatre-style seating.  Networx events can have 80-120 attendees depending on the venue's capacity.

    Topics: Networx has standard topics that cover marketing and communications, digital and creative, but we are also after suggestions that may affect these industries.

  • How can I sponsor/support Networx Brisbane?

    There are various sponsorship opportunities available:

    • Financial
    • Venue Sponsors

    To discuss these opportunities, please get in touch.