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Content Evolved

How to deliver effective content when social media keeps changing the rules

Lefty's Music Hall

15 Caxton Street
Petrie Terrace QLD 4000

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27th Jul 2021

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Past Event - 25th May 2021 - The Lord Alfred

Customer Centricity

How do we ensure that our organisation is Customer Centric?

Past Event - 20th Apr 2021 - Baedeker

B2B Marketing Trends

Your Brand Needs to Embrace NOW!

Past Event - 23rd Feb 2021 - Loft West End

The Hybrid Working Model

How to Stay Connected and Motivated in the New Normal

Past Event - 24th Nov 2020 - The Calile Hotel

Strategy & Innovation for 2021 & Xmas Party

Past Event - 28th Oct 2020 - Brisbane

Cybersecurity and Data Ethics

Identifying vulnerabilities and protecting yourself

Past Event - 30th Sep 2020 - Brisbane

The Power of Personal Branding

Past Event - 26th Aug 2020 - Online!

Is Digital Marketing Killing Creativity?

Will true creativity survive in our hyper-targeted, data-led world?

Past Event - 29th Jul 2020 - Online!


Exploring the state of human connection and data driven-marketing in the post COVID-19 world.

Past Event - 24th Jun 2020 - Online!

The Connected Consumer

The shifting habits you need to know

Past Event - 27th May 2020 - Online!

Influencer Marketing

Staying Relevant and Effective When the World Is Looking Elsewhere

Past Event - 29th Apr 2020 - Online


Join the Audio Renaissance

Past Event - 2nd Apr 2020 - Online

An Online Panel about Online Panels

Past Event - 31st Mar 2020 - Online via Zoom

ISOLATION EDITION - Is the Agency Model Dead?

And what comes next...

Past Event - 26th Feb 2020 - Loft West End

Content Marketing

How to craft game-changing content that nails business goals

Past Event - 26th Nov 2019 - Loft West End

Strategy & Innovation for 2020 + Xmas Party

The latest in emerging trends and tech

Past Event - 29th Oct 2019 - The Calile Hotel

Customer Data

Unlock your potential using artificial intelligence

Past Event - 18th Sep 2019 - Loft West End

Meet the CMOs

Past Event - 27th Aug 2019 - The Greek Club

Lessons Learned in Failure

How to avoid the same fate

Past Event - 20th Aug 2019 - Loft West End


Past Event - 31st Jul 2019 - The Westin Brisbane

The Business of Podcasts

Too loud to be ignored

Past Event - 19th Jun 2019 - Loft West End

Social Media

Getting more metrics from meaningful moments

Past Event - 29th May 2019 - Loft West End

Customer Journey

How to plan for more change

Past Event - 30th Apr 2019 - WeWork

Inbound Marketing

How to attract and engage your way to satisfied customers

Past Event - 27th Mar 2019 - Loft West End

Content Marketing Hacks

Evidence-based content strategies to increase your website traffic

Past Event - 20th Feb 2019 - Victoria Park

Winning Campaigns

Creating a Super Bowl moment

Past Event - 27th Nov 2018 - Loft West End

Strategy & Innovation for 2019 + Xmas Party

The latest in emerging trends and tech

Past Event - 30th Oct 2018 - The Lord Alfred


Brand engagement through imagery and stories

Past Event - 25th Sep 2018 - Queensland Cricketers' Club

Programmatic Principles

How to evolve in the automation and adtech arena

Past Event - 28th Aug 2018 - Loft West End


Giving your brand a voice

Past Event - 24th Jul 2018 - Botanic Gardens Cafe

Crafting Content for Social Media Success

The latest techniques to get your edge and keep it