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Staying Relevant and Effective When the World Is Looking Elsewhere

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27th May 2020

4:00pm - 6:00pm

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Brisbane City QLD 4000

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What do we do now that the excesses of influencers on the internet are being called out by audiences? Are there still influencer opportunities for brands at a time when people are turning their gaze towards the news and away from internet personalities? This session will look at how influencer marketing has been affected, what is being effective right now and what the industry may look like in the next few years. 

Panel of Speakers:

Panel Facilitator: Kurt Sanders, Director of Strategy, The Content Division LinkedIn | Insta: @thecontentdivision Twitter: @sanderlands @thecontentdiv

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    Join us for networking and a panel discussion.

    During this panel, you'll discover

    • Has influencer marketing lost its effectiveness in tough economic conditions?
    • What are brands doing that is working right now
    • What will influencer marketing look like in the next few years 

    Who would benefit from attending

    • Marketing, digital and communication professionals
    • Business owners and directors

    Panel of speakers

    Panel Facilitator: Kurt Sanders, Director of Strategy, The Content Division LinkedIn | Insta: @thecontentdivision Twitter: @sanderlands @thecontentdiv

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Here’s a sneaky peek at the speakers for this event.

Victoria Harrison

Victoria Harrison

Founder & Director at The Exposure Co.

Victoria Harrison is the Managing Director of Influencer Marketing agency, The Exposure

In 2015, Victoria took the risk of turning her hobby project into a full-time business. Fast
forward 5 years, The Exposure Co. is now at the forefront of the industry as one of
Australia’s leading full-service influencer marketing agencies with a network of over 7,500
digital influencers.

If you’re looking for some more information and resources or interested to see how
influencer marketing can work for your brand, please contact Victoria at [email protected]

Lexie Mamo

Lexie Mamo

Marketing & eCommerce Specialist, dk active

Lexie Mamo is a caffeinated, copywriting, problem solver with a keen interest in fashion & sustainability. Spanning six years (and counting) in the online fashion retail industry, my focus now is to continue developing front-end proficiency to excel in the digital landscape.  

Ask me: organic engagement, product marketing, email automation, my cat.
Teach me: front-end development, UX design, on-site SEO. 

Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis

Co-founder & CEO, Scrunch

Danielle is the Co-Founder & CEO of Scrunch, a global multi-channel Influencer Marketing Platform and Agency.
Scrunch launched in late 2014, and since then has raised $3Million in capital, built a world-class team and launched a global SaaS platform, setting up HQ in Brisbane, Australia. In 2019, she was awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year - QLD.

Danielle and her team have been proven to be game-changers in the Influencer Marketing world, taking on massive advertising campaigns, collaborating with the likes of Amazon, Deliveroo, NewsCorp, Publicis Mojo, Under Armour, Swarovski, Youfoodz and more.

Danielle has a background in fashion design, blogging and enterprise sales. Ten years ago she started a local Brisbane-based blog while pursuing a career in enterprise sales for Australia's largest telecommunications company. It was through this blog that the world of digital Influencers and their challenges would interest her so much that she threw-in a rising career to pursue the world of technology startups.

Outside of business, Danielle's heart belongs to travel, yoga, champagne and her cats Sanchez + Arancini.

Facilitator: Kurt Sanders

Facilitator: Kurt Sanders

Director of Strategy, The Content Division

Kurt is the director of strategy at Brisbane content agency The Content Division. He has chalked up nearly two decades of experience as a journalist, marketing strategist, workshop facilitator and public speaker. He's passionate about creativity being the great hope of modern marketing, and has worked with brands big and small from suburban butchers through to great big city builders. 

LinkedIn | Twitter: @sanderlands @thecontentdiv

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