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19th Nov 2009

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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339 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

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Memory & Memorability - the key to making a lasting impression and succeeding with others

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    Event Photography by Clare Smith, Lucid Photography.  Event photos from the evening can be purchased from Lucid Photography.

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    Did you know that:

    • Memory is a skill that can be taught
    • Memory naturally is designed to improve with age
    • The misconception of its decline with age is false
    • Everyone has potentially a superb memory!

    Everyone wants a better memory, but perhaps even more importantly everyone wants to be more memorable - particularly if it leads to greater success in life.  In this fun and fast paced workshop you will learn to enhance your memory, using the same principles applied by Memory Olympians as well as ordinary people with extra-ordinary memories. 

    Building on the flip side of having a great memory you will also learn how to develop the quality or state of being memorable. Memorability is vital for success in almost everything you do. 

    Marketing and communication professionals, sales people, business owners, entrepreneurs, job candidates - everyone can achieve greater success by developing the ability to be positively memorable.  Marketing campaigns, business promotions, presentations, in fact any event or organisation that applies memorability principles will be more successful. 

    Join us for this fascinating look at how the human mind works and how Memory and Memorability can be developed to achieve lasting success.

    In this session Jennifer Goddard, Director of Buzan Centre - Australia/NZ will cover:

    • How your memory works
    • The Twelve Memory Principles
    • Mind maps - the perfect memory tool
    • How to remember names with faces

    This will be our last event of the year, we hope you can join us for an interactive evening with some great networking opportunities! 

    Who would benefit in attending:

    Everyone - we all would benefit from a better memory of information, study material, names and faces, numbers and company/customer/product facts.

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    Event Giveaways

    • $150 voucher to GW Private Room, hair salon in Festival Towers, Brisbane City (National Award Winner 2008 for Best Hair-Salon).
    • Day Cruise for 2 people with Sand Tobboganing Tour, valued at over $150, courtesy of Tangalooma Island Resort.
    • 1 night's accommodation at any Central Brisbane Apartment/Hotel, courtesy of Central Apartments & Hotels.
    • Double pass to Interactive Minds' 'Internet Marketing Visions' event on 3 December.
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Here’s a sneaky peek at the speakers for this event.

Jennifer Goddard

Jennifer Goddard

Director of Buzan Centre - Australia/NZ

Jennifer Goddard in a nutshell:

  • Master Trainer & budding Holanthropist,
  • Buzan Centre:Australia/NZ  - Unleashing Genius
  • Mindwerx International Pty Ltd - Inspiring Creativity and Innovation
  • Moderator

As convener of the Australian Memory Championships and Senior Arbiter for the World Memory Championships, Jennifer Goddard is uniquely qualified to help us explore our amazing memories and how to improve them on a practical level.

Jennifer is one of only a handful of Master Trainers globally in Buzan's Advanced Learning Techniques (including Mind Mapping®, Range and Rapid Reading and Enhanced Memory). Jennifer mentors a global network of instructors and works with Tony Buzan around the world.

With a passion for mental literacy and  brain-friendly learning, Jennifer infects others with the enthusiasm and energy she displays in her interactive and creative presentations, seminars and workshops.

With a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Jennifer helps organisations in Australia, NZ, UK, USA, Middle East, South Africa, China and S.E. Asia be more innovative, creative and, of course, more memorable.

What is success and innovation? Want to change the game? Go to

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